Ware is doing great things for Co. leave her alone!

January 28, 2016

Dear Editor,

In reference to the Lori Ware salary increase story in last week’s paper, I was kind of taken aback by the comments Greenwood Township Dennis Goshka made in reference to Lori Ware. I also heard that Dennis Goshka also questioned Lori Ware’s qualifications for the position and demanded to see her qualifications for performing her newly appointed job.

Dennis Goshka is the mother of Jim Neff which is the I.T. person at the county. If I remember, maybe she should be questioning her son’s qualifications, from what I remember Jim Neff was the Gypsy Moth coordinator and was promoted to the I.T. position – what is his education in I.T. and qualifications to perform that job? I would bet he has no formal training let alone a degree in I.T. Lori Ware has been performing her newly appointed position job duties for several years without being compensated for it. As far as the pay she collects is more than the County Administrator makes – she deserves it! Leave her alone! She is doing great things for Clare County!

James Sutherland
Grant Township

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