We are stronger together. Joshua’s House and Hope Pregnancy Center

September 6, 2018

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Dear Editor,

Joshua’s House empowers women through caring for their needs, being open to listening, teaching new skills (without judging them for not yet having these skills), being patient during the learning process and through encouragement, especially when it takes several times to succeed at a task.

Women come to us at different stages in their life. Some arrive with limited skills and others with no skills at all. We offer kindness, friendship, a positive relationship, a place to be heard & emotional support. We have a list of 20 classes to become a successful parent, homemaker, or working mom. They include business skills, gardening, housekeeping, child care & development, retail skills, cooking, baking, financial skills and more!

Often times they arrive with only the clothes on their back or possibly a backpack or a small bag with a few personal items. They are feeling broken, rejected, misunderstood, ashamed or filled with fear and uncertainty. Many are victims of inappropriate family relationships, or they have been taken advantage of by someone they trusted, respected, someone they fell in love with or they were unexpectedly violated and now have nowhere to turn. They have nowhere to stay, they are lonely, scared, untrusting, angry, sad, depressed or even hopeless, not knowing if they can ever recover, trust again, get past this difficult time or have a happy and successful life. Will I be a good mom? Will I find love again? To say the least, it can be overwhelming to a woman to arrive at a place she is unfamiliar with, the unknown can be a fearful place. But it doesn’t have to stay that way!

We are a faith based organization. We are non-denominational. We minister to the physical needs as well as the spiritual needs of each woman. We encourage them, lift them up, teach them new skills, compliment their successes, help them to move forward with real answers from the Word of God. Not opinions, but truth! We celebrate their successes and encourage them to try again when they didn’t quite reach their goal. The main focus is: you may not be where you want to be, but you are father away from where you were when you arrived. You CAN DO THIS! We are by your side, we will help you to become successful and we are so very proud of your efforts.

We see lives transformed every year and keep in touch with them for years after they have left the shelter to ensure that they are moving forward and encouraging someone else along the way. Many are now teaching their friends and family members how they too can move forward and accomplish their goals in life and it all starts by reaching out to someone, YOU too can make a difference, YOU too can encourage a change in a life, right here in our community! It all begins with putting your own needs aside for the good of impacting another life. People helping people, it’s beautiful, it really is! Let’s work together to change our world one kind gesture at a time!

Joshua’s House is moving forward, expanding our services to empower women by reaching out where there is a need for housing a homeless, pregnant woman or making pregnancy related services available to her. How, you say? Well, we have created a stronger organization by unifying with Hope Pregnancy Center and bringing them under the umbrella of Joshua’s House and becoming one, together, strengthening both organizations and working together to empower women to make informed, life preserving decisions that will impact generations to come. Yes, we are announcing the merging of Hope Pregnancy Center and Joshua’s House Maternity Shelter as ONE entity. We are Joshua’s House, a place of HOPE!

If you would like to know more about our organization or you would like to attend our Annual Fundraising Dinner on Thursday, September 20th to be held at the Clare Church of the Nazarene, please contact us at: (833) 424-BABY (2229). We are caring for our future, one mother at a time! Let’s impact the lives of others and become STRONGER, TOGETHER!

Renee Jeffords

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