We need hope!

December 27, 2013

Dear Editor,

It’s Christmas time again and I would like to share what’s on my heart. Many citizens are jobless, homeless and with no “hope”. Just struggling to live.

“We need hope!” We need something or someone to turn to. Our society is decaying and no one has a cure. We are a people with the ability to choose or reject. God gave us this ability. He is a loving God and allows us this gift. Our nation and citizens are using this choice and forgetting our loving God, — Pushing him out of our lives.

How are we doing this? No prayer in schools, do not say Merry Christmas, Don’t mention Jesus Christ the son of God or the fact that he died on a cross for the sins of man. That he arose again and is the only “hope” of mankind, etc.

We have allowed our leader in Washington D.C. to fill God’s special place in our lives. There is no hope in our president. We can talk about Buda, Ali, and all the other religion’s Gods and it’s accepted. But don’t talk about the living God, our creator or about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. This might offend folks.

Why are men afraid of the person of Jesus Christ, the son of God? He is our only “hope” in a hopeless world. You have heard me from my heart. The gift of “hope” from a loving God is yours to accept or reject. God Bless you and Merry Christmas.

Clinton Cooper

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