We need the road millage!

May 1, 2014

Dear Editor:

One can often see cars coming down roads in Hamilton and other townships from miles away during the summer as the dust they leave behind climbs far into the air before falling to coat trees, cars, gardens, homes and lungs. Brining helps control that dust. But brining does far more. Brining protects the roads because the dust one sees is the road bed being carried away, broken down and destroyed little by little with each passing car. It is wonderful to think Lansing is going to come to our rescue and brine our roads now and/or rebuild them later if we neglect them. It’s wonderful to think a township can change the law and impose a user fee on trucks or tractors or cars. It’s wonderful to think sufficient grant money is out there year after year for the asking so residents won’t have to pay. But think about any of those options long enough and deep enough, and you will realize none of them is true.

No one likes taxes. No one likes to see taxes raised. But it’s a matter of pay a little more to maintain roads now or pay a lot to rebuild them later. (We all read about the damage recent storms did to area roads and some of that could have been avoided had roads and culverts been better maintained.)

Road deterioration is like neighborhood blight. Catch blight early and you save the neighborhood. Let blight go and eventually the entire neighborhood falls apart.

On May 6, residents of Hamilton Township have an opportunity to protect and upgrade neighborhood roads. I know it’s not a popular option or position, but please vote “yes” on that dedicated road millage.

Marty Johnson

Harrison, Michigan

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