What is the true meaning of wealth?

April 26, 2013

Dear Editor,
In response to Eric Isaac’s letter:
I too notice a lot of simple minds, and they seem to be in the heads of the 2% who own or think they own everything. Actually I though the same way when I was in that 2% really. I was being income taxed in excess of 70 cents of every dollar I made, after a certain amount, it was called graduated tax. At that point, I was never concerned about any person on food stamps, or some government program, the only interest I had was how could I make more money that being said. Yes we do have government intervention in every facet of our lives. I for one am glad they regulate alcoholic beverages because when I buy my scotch I can be almost sure it is what the label says it is when I go for a  ride in my car (sober of course) I am safe within reason somebody drunk driving doesn’t kill or injure me.
I am glad just recently they had thousands of police (public financed) to catch the two bombers in Boston, so they couldn’t harm anyone else, they certainly had the facility to hurt more people.
Mr. Isaac don’t concern yourself with someone who is worse off than you. After all, there are 300 million folks in this great country of ours. See what you can do to help less fortunate then yourself, that way you will truly realize what wealth is.
P.S. The richest guy in the world “Bill Gates” is in Africa with his wife swatting mosquitos, so the people there don’t get malaria.
Jerry Leppek

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