When will it be enough?

December 6, 2012

Dear Editor:


I read with disgust the front page article of the November 30th issue announcing the “New Trial” in the Scozzari matter. My question is when will it be enough? This unfortunate incident took place over five years ago. After it occurred it was thoroughly investigated by the Michigan State Police. There results along with the Crime Lab results were turned over to a prosecutor for review. After the review the prosecutor determined that the actions of the Police Officers was justifiable.

Then, of course, the civil attorneys got involved and the case was taken to Federal Court. After weeks of testimony in front of a Federal Judge and jury the officers were once again cleared of any wrong doing. Now it appears that some liberally appointed judge (lawyer) has decided that his legal piers (more lawyers) have not had there bank accounts adequately lined by the deep pockets of a local municipality so they have decided that there is a case to be made for the slow response time of medical attention.

This is a fishing expedition on the part of the Scozzari family attorneys at best. These officers have been cleared and should not be made to testify through another long stressful and expensive trial. This case is a shining example of what is wrong with our judicial process.

Michael Conway

Harrison, Michigan

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3 Responses to When will it be enough?

  1. lucyinthesky53

    December 9, 2012 at 6:47 pm

    I expected justice for my brother. Had the truth been told at the trial and had the judge done what he was supposed to do, that is, impartially preside over the trial, there would be no need for a new trial. My family waited five long years for the trial to begin only to find that truth is a relative term in Clare and justice is whatever the judge wants it to be.

    I hope that you, Mr. Conway, never have to go through anything like this. Tips for avoiding police contact in Clare: Dress nicely. Look smart. It doesn’t matter whether or not you break the law. Sometimes in small towns there is no police training other than here’s a gun and a uniform. So be very, very careful when you’re out and about. My brother was breaking no laws when he was killed for being different.

  2. bunnym

    December 9, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    In answer to Mr. Conway. I too have had enough, with uneducated people who are ignorant to the working of the American court system. Count your blessings that you Mr.Conway have not had a family member gunned down in their own home. I do agree that the amount of time to get to court is without a doubt a long process, expensive and beyond stressful. What wasn’t presented in court was the fact that my brother’s door was kicked in without a warrant as he committed no crime. They know what they did and it was without a doubt unjustified. You shoot a man multiple times for not answering his door, hardly a reason for over kill.
    Your a lucky man Mr. Conway that you live in a fairy tale world where you think that those that were sworn to protect you are immune from committing a crime and always tell the truth. I read your letter with disgust too that anyone could think that my brothers life is not worthy of anything more then the truth about what really happened that night. The Scozzari family isn’t fishing for anything, just looking for justice for the brutal murder of an innocent handicap man.
    FYI if the court system wasn’t so corrupt in this country said judge wouldn’t have bullied the jurors into a decision they didn’t want to make and it would have been end of story.
    Bunny Scozzari Mashione
    Chicago, IL

  3. bigd

    December 15, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    IF this is the same M.Conway from harrison that- at one time was a co. deputy.. Maybe that will shed some light on his letter.. He has every right to write in w/his twisted opinion, however, he just sounds angry. There is more support out in this community than this family is aware of. Keep the pressure on! Mr. Kelster is spot on w/his letter to the editor. He also has a question: Why don’t people care? They do sir.. It was a sad day for a large percent when that verdict came back. Drsuess/the ex-cops,the prosecutors, and all the kings horses just cannot push the broom fast enough.. THINK real hard – what was the threat and why shoot? Two fold.. This case is not about money, it’s about some exterme questions/justice. It should not go away until the bad people are exposed for what they are. These officers, and all involved should resign. They are the people that do not CARE.. Mr. Scozzari was not capable of that attack, these cops are cowards and ego freaks. Now folks, one has been offered a new position. I’m not angry, just very disapointed in the system. Bigd