Where is your librarian?

April 26, 2013

Dear Editor:

If you have visited the Surrey Township Public Library in Farwell, MI in the last week or two you may have been asking yourself where Assistant Director Summer Clark is? I was fired on Friday, April 5. I have worked at the library for six years and done several different programs and events for the library and the community. I have been an exemplary employee. I had no warnings or write ups in my file. So, why was I fired?

I went through the proper channels and there was a special board meeting on April 11 at the library. There were items discussed which the board said they will address at the next open meeting which will be May 1, 2013 at the Surrey Township Public Library at 4 pm. The library’s official stance on my termination is that they are exercising their right as an at-will employer.

Some of you may be shocked or appalled at this, but a lot of you probably have no idea who I am or why you should care about what happens to me. What you should care about is how your library is spending their funding that comes from the community.

Every year we tell patrons that the book sale money is put towards the Summer Reading Program. After several sales, staff and board members went out to dinner at Red Lobster or at Mountain Town Station as well as their significant others. I know that I did not pay for my meal at that table, nor do I believe anyone else did. There is also a grant called the Robert C. Reinhardt Library Fund that was especially for rural and isolated libraries. The grant was to help with building improvements and technology. From my understanding, this grant was worth $25,000. I printed off the procedures and the form to apply for the grant; it totaled three pages. The Harrison District Library and the Pere Marquette District Library applied and received this grant, why didn’t Surrey Township Public Library?

I encourage all citizens that use the library system to attend their next open meeting, which are the first Wednesday of each month. Even if you do not use the Surrey Township Public Library, they are being a part of MeLCat. If you have any questions about your library, you can contact the Surrey Township Public Library at 989-588-9782 or Surrey Township at 989-588-9571. Summer Clark


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