Which is it????

Dear Editor:

I recently read an article in the Clare County Review and it seems to conflict quite a bit with statements made by other people that have been involved in DCP Midstream’s quest to move to our area. The first question that I have is, I would think that this DCP Midstream wanting to build this proposed plant in our area, would have come to the people prior to ANY permit processing and notify the people what their intentions were and ask for public comment. Why did they not do this? It seems to me their plans were to hide it from the residents in the beginning. Also in the article, the Hamilton Township Supervisor stated a few people were at the meeting concerned about this project. I think there were only a few residents at the meeting due to the fact that the meeting was not very well publicized. DCP Midstream may be purchasing much more property at the site than they need for this 6 acre facility. Are there plans for a much larger plant than is being addressed at this time? It is my understanding that DEQ made the statement at the meeting that our air quality here is so good that we can afford to have some more pollutants released into our air. Is that true? By the way, our local air quality will be tested from Houghton Lake. I’m not sure what good that will do us here. The article also states that DCP Midstream goes beyond state mandated guidelines for safety, yet as I do a Google search, I see a terrible safety and violation record for DCP Midstream.   It was also reported in the paper that this project would provide local jobs, yet I was told that at the meeting DCP Midstream stated that this would NOT provide local jobs. Which is it?? I think the Township or preferably the County needs to take the reins on this issue and PUBLICIZE a meeting for all involved to attend so we can get some correct answers on this issue. We need to know as it may affect us more than you think as far as health issues and property values.

Gordon Mason

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