Why doesn’t CCSD respond?

January 18, 2019

Dear Editor:

Here’s some news for you, Clare’s finest from [the] sheriffs dept were notified via central dispatch not once but twice in 7 days regarding a two time DUI who is on probation and isn’t supposed to be driving or in a bar or drinking and yet this said man was seen in the same bar two times, came out intoxicated and got into his vehicle and drove, he hit a building pulling into another business in Farwell and pulling out almost hit a truck and yet nothing was done.

Clare County Sheriff’s dept had over an hour both times to respond and yet did not do a damn thing, I have another witness regarding this matter and pictures and gave them the name of the person, what he was driving, what bar he was in and plate number and where he was going and not any response from the police.
When this drunk driver kills someone then maybe they will put down the doughnuts and do something and then they might pay attention, oh, mind you, there were two sheriff vehicles in a parking lot talking to each other in Clare while this was happening.

Put this news in your paper, I have lost all trust and faith in law enforcement, at least Clare County and their corrupt so called sheriff’s department, thank you,

Lisa Williams

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