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December 20, 2013

Dear Editor,

In response to Marty Johnson’s most recent editorial, he acknowledged credible information concerning tax breaks for oil and gas companies. Senate Bill 552 can be found online at www.michiganvotes.org as well as in a Detroit Free Press article entitled, “Tax Break for Oil, Gas Wells Worries Counties – Northern Areas Would Be Hard Hit.”

At last summer’s meeting with representatives from DCP Midstream and Lansing’s DEQ, the question was asked, “What’s in it for Hamilton Township – increased revenue and jobs?” The response from both was that there would be little or no employment generated as the company uses its own experienced personnel – but that during the 18 months of facility construction, we could possibly see more visits to our corner stores and maybe the use of a local excavating company. The DEQ in Gaylord verified this when we visited their office and 2 Midstream facilities in that area. The question should now be asked, “What’s in it for DCP Midstream?”

Hopefully, Marty can see we are not searching for his afore-mentioned “pie-in-the-sky”-only a little pice for many of us to have! And if we still seem “vague,” it’s because this is such a complex topic that it is not feasible to put forth all the information we have uncovered in a manageable and readable, editorial-sized article. Unfortunately, it’s been anything but “easy” to “…stand against a company that has polluted.” If Mr. Johnson or any nearby residents would like to meet me for a cup of tea/coffee sometime, I would be most willing to share the wealth of information we’ve gained on this topic only through very thorough research and several personal and shared experiences.

I continue to encourage nearby township and county residents to check out gas-processing facilities of similar size/function of the proposed and answer the question, “Would I want this in MY FRONT yard?”

Concerned Hamilton Township Resident,
Barbara Lambdin

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