Writer disputes $4 million investment quote

Dear Editor:

I attended the Clare City Commission meeting on Monday, Aug. 5th to specifically ask some pretinent questions re the proposed Colonville Rd. industrial park development proposed by the City Manager, which commenced 9 years ago and has gone thru various stages since that time.

There was a reluctance on the part of some of the Commission members but I remained steadfast and ultimately received some dubious answers to my questions.

I have perused the report of that meeting written by Pat in the subject edition and a glaring error re funding was apparent.
Pat indicated that Mr. Hibl reported a commitment from an unidentified developer in the amount of $4 million dollars towards the infrastructure costs of this industrial park project.

That is not what he said! The $4 million figure mentioned was apparently the business developer’s anticipated cost of constructing a building in the new park. Quite different than a special contribution to infrastructure development required to make the park happen. This creates a very false impression in a funding area that is absolutely critical to this proposed project. This impression of “voodoo financing” in this proposed project should be corrected by a printed correction in your next edition. Please make it so.

After spending 9 years on the Clare City Commission in the 90s I have followed this proposed industrial park development, as a concerned taxpayer, with a great deal of concern and scrutiny.In my experience in the City of Clare and City Commission service I have never seen a project so fraught with mis-information and lack of proper justification. Transparency in the governmental process is a very basic requirement in my credo.

Allen E. Demarest

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