Writer offended by Fachting column on abortion

May 30, 2019

Dear editor,

Hi, this letter is in response to Dr. Fachting and his abortion statements. If he is truly a psychologist, minister and PHD I’m sure he has heard horror stories about child abuse and women forced to carry babies to term.

The new Alabama law makes abortion illegal before most women even know they are pregnant. It makes no rape or incest exceptions and comes with a 99 year prison term.

Most people don’t want a pregnancy to occur every time they have intercourse. Some people don’t have time for a baby or can’t fit it into their schedule or may feel they are too young or old to have children.

Look at the foster care system, the adoption system, the child abuse rate or childbirth death rate. Look at how most parents treat their children next time you are out and about. No child wants to feel unwanted because they were forced to be born.

The right is using abortion as a murder plot and religious ploy. They claim a fetus is life and can feel pain. Late-term abortion, which even most liberals oppose (though not me) is over quickly and no pain is felt before the first 20 weeks.

When abortion is legal you can choose not to have one. When it is illegal, you are telling everyone they can’t. Would you be okay with a parent kicking their daughter out of the house because she can’t abort a hidden pregnancy? Or a girl giving birth to her rapists baby? Or a couple in their late 40’s having another baby after already having several other children?
What about companies like Hobby Lobby that won’t cover birth control? What if Utah or Idaho outlaw contraception?

Everyone deserves the right to be in a relationship, to decide when or if to have children. The S.C.O.T.U.S. has recognized this for 46 years. It must stay that way.

I may be a humanist but I know the bible never mentions abortion but does mention intercourse. If God let his own son die to forgive sin, then there is no sin in having an abortion. A fetus cannot be alive without a soul and a body can’t have a soul without being exposed to light which happens at birth.

The other reason is economic. We live in one of the poorest counties in the country and people in rural areas are sometimes hundreds of miles from the nearest abortion clinic and many don’t drive or can’t afford the procedure.

Abortion is at a record low because of birth control and contraception and most abortions are sought by married women in their forties with one or more children and are low income. Over 113 of all women live in a county without an abortion provider.

The job of a minister and a psychologist is to assist with medical and spiritual advice not to push your own morals with a bible that treats women like 2nd class citizens.

Seventy percent of all Americans support Roe vs. Wade. People on all sides of the political spectrum understand what is at stake.

Imagine if I said I’d never vote for a religious candidate, how would you feel? I’d have no one to vote for if I felt that way. You would be offended. Think of how I feel about your statement.

Matt Stephenson

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