Writer opposes DCP Midstream facility

September 20, 2013

Dear Editor and Joan,
I am in total agreement with Joan’s “Letter to the Editor” published in the Clare County Review. I own 2 lakefront lots on Townline Lake (since 1972), and my cousin and aunt own another lakefront lot on Townline Lake as well. We are all against the proposed DCP Midstream facility.

I have talked to other lakefront property owners, as well as some of my friends who are residents of Harrison. No one I talked to up there (residents of Harrison) knew anything about it or what it even was. I have spread the word as much as I could, & everyone I talked to was against it.

Even people that are Hamilton Twp. Residents that I talked to at Kern’s Grocery, knew NOTHING about it. I called Dave Cooper last week (Hamilton Twp. Supervisor) and he told me that the first permit for air was approved by the DEQ.

I asked him what we could do to stop it. He more or less insinuated that the DEQ’s standards are good enough to go by.
I explained to him that I used to be a legal secretary for almost 40 years, my former boss had a lot of ties and dealings with Lansing, and that the standards for control over air, water, etc. pollution is not as good as they say it is. (and where there is a will, there is a way!)

I asked Mr. Cooper about a Petition against the facility, he knew of none, but said that was a good idea. He said the “good” thing about the facility is that it will create jobs; and I said yes, but only for 18 months and then everyone has to live the rest of our lives with these risks to our health & environment.

I personally am scared of this facility. And, what if there is an accident and all have to evacuate, & for how long? Joan, from what I have seen, there is a large amount of people up there that do not even know about it.

My husband suggested getting flyers out everywhere to inform Harrison, Hayes, Hamilton, & the neighboring Townships about the DCP facility and the risks and hazards of having the facility in our area, and circulating a petition against it. If the people make their voices heard, maybe somehow we can stop this “Beast” from coming into our township. It will lower property values, create more traffic on our roads, especially Townline Lake Road, put us at higher risk for cancer, pollute our air, water, wells, lower tourism (which is the backbone of Harrison) and make the area undesirable for everyone.

I feel so helpless and am so concerned about this. I have a mother with dementia, making it very difficult to get up there for any long period of time. Joan, maybe a petition could be started against it, with flyers explaining where to sign the petition. Something has to be done to fight this thing. Mr. Cooper said there were several other permits that have to be approved yet.
We need to join together as a community & try to somehow stop this.

Michele Single

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One Response to Writer opposes DCP Midstream facility

  1. KimIslesboro Reply

    September 28, 2013 at 11:47 pm

    In Searsport Maine the citizens of Searsport and the surround communities of Penobscot Bay, Maine, banded together to defeat DCP Midstream Partners, LP and its local subsidiary (created for the project) DCP Searsport LLC. By exposing this company’s poor safety record and the inherent dangers and risks of the proposed project to the surrounding eco-tourism and real estate dependent businesses and residents the people were able to convince the local planning board to deny the required local permits. The State (DEP, DOT, and Fuel Board) and federal government (US Army Corps of Engineers and USCG) had already granted all state and federal permits for DCP to construct a 22.7 million gallon LPG storage tank (containing LPG without odorant in the LPG and without back-up power to keep the tank’s contents at the required -44F during power failures); a mile-long pipeline in a flood zone and through 33 existing fuel tanks with 55 million gallons of other volatile petrochemicals; and marine, rail and truck terminals. Go to http://www.tbnt.org to read how the people of Midcoast Maine did it and for contact information. See also this latest incident involving DCP:
    Good luck!!

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