Writer says story facts are wrong

Mr. Wilcox,
There are many untruths reported in the Article about CARE being one step closer to taking over the Wexford County Animal Shelter (published in last week’s newspaper).

First, the BOC is currently accepting Proposals from Parties interested in operating the Shelter. This Phase of accepting Proposals does not close until July 31st. C.A.R.E. is one of the Parties that has submitted a proposal but is not the only one. Until the BOC ceases to accept Proposals no decision as to which option is the most feasible will be made. Hence the Assumption that CARE is going to be taking over is a wrong one to make.

Second, neither C.A.R.E. of Wexford County, C.A.R.E. of Clare County nor Betty Loyd as a Founder are a registered Business with the State of Michigan. You can check that fact here: http://www.dleg.state.mi.us/bcs_corp/sr_corp.asp. Simply type in the different variations in spelling and as of 11:30 am June 10th no Business License’s come up within the State of Michigan. This makes their Fundraising an illegal Activity as at least a Business License to operate is required as per the Law and the Attorney General, yet they continue to do so.

Third, the Claims to be raising Funds for the Animals of Wexford County is an untrue one as well. To this Date C.A.R.E. as a Group has pulled 3 Dogs from the Animal Shelter to be placed within their Foster System, 1 Dog that was sent to another Rescue and 2 Cats. Those Numbers do not necessitate the amount of illegal fundraising being done. Several people associated with C.A.R.E. and Betty Loyd have adopted Animals from the Shelter and as an organization they have taken a couple of Owner Surrendered Animals. In previous Event advertisements they have stated that funds are being raised to obtain the legal Paperwork and Licenses needed to operate a Rescue and become 501(c)3 registered with the IRS, which contradicts the previous claim of raising funds for Animals.

Fourth, the reported Issues to receive Medical Care for the emaciated Pit Bull Terrier Female the organization named Nalani, are unfounded and untrue. The Dog was picked up as a Stray by Wexford County Animal Control Officers, taken to the Shelter to be entered into the System and photographed and upon calling Meyer Veterinarian Clinic immediately taken to the Vet.

The Dog was not placed in the Shelter in a Kennel Run until after having received an initial assessment and Veterinary Treatment. Volunteers of C.A.R.E. where present when the Dog was entered into the System, however Betty Loyd did not see the Dog until a later date. Her Accusation of having to beg for medical care for the Dog is simply untrue.

The Dog went home with Animal Control Officer Williams that Night to ensure she was continuously monitored and came back to the Shelter the next day. After all of the Accusations and Assumptions that where leveled the next Day it was decided that the Dog best be boarded at Meyer Veterinary Clinic over the Weekend to again ensure proper monitoring and attention.

It was Volunteers of the Shelter that had offered to Pay for several Days of her Boarding, an Offer that was ultimately not needed due to the Sheriffs Department paying the Bill as they where supposed to. What failed to be reported to you by C.A.R.E./Betty Loyd was that a Co-Owner of the Dog was quickly located and that the Dog was not currently in Custody of that Co-Owner, Cadillac of Pits, when she became a Stray and emaciated. It was that Co-Owner that provided the Information needed to prosecute the other Party for the neglect and abuse of this Animal. At a time deemed appropriate by the Prosecution, the Dog will be released into the custody of that Co-Owner.

Fifth, purported Foster Homes for the Pregnant Female Cat and 8 Kittens. No one associated with C.A.R.E. or Betty Loyd notified the Animal Control Officers that Foster Homes where procured and the Animals would be picked up until Memorial Day. Had that been done prior to the Animals Euthanasia, the Animal Control Officers would have ensured the Animals that had foster had been saved. Animal Control Officers at the Shelter no longer euthanize, the Procedure is done by a Veterinarian from Meyer’s Vet Clinic who also decides which Animals to euthanize, be it for Illness or Space.

The Pregnant Cat had been at the Shelter for almost a month, and it was a known fact that she was pregnant. A Shelter is not an appropriate Environment for a Pregnant Animal and they often get sick and in turn loose part or all of a Litter. Cats where euthanized that Day, May 24th 2013, on the Direction of a BOC Member that directed the Animal Control Officers that ceasing to intake Cats was NOT an option that was appropriate.

A Home for the Pregnant Female Cat was found by Melanie Maylone, who had arranged for Betsy Nickel, a Person not associated with C.A.R.E. or Betty Loyd, to adopt the Cat and to place the Kittens in Homes at a time appropriate. This Home however, was not found until Saturday, May 25th 2013, at which Point the Shelter was closed and Animal Control Officers where notified on Memorial Day at which point it was discovered that the Animals had been euthanized.

You are welcome to check with Ms. Maylone as she has consented to being mentioned in this Letter by name. Again, no Foster Homes had been reported by C.A.R.E., Betty Loyd or anyone associated with either of the former, to an Animal Control Officer, the Animal Shelter or a Volunteer thereof.

These are as stated previously, untruths that are reported in the mentioned article. Betty Loyd’s intention to save Animals from Euthanasia is not in Question, however the way she has chosen to do so is.

If one is to insist that Rules, Regulations and Law’s are followed, it should and will be by all, not by a chosen few that are obligated by Morals and Ethics to do so. Please ensure in the future that the Facts you report have been checked and that only verifiable ones are passed on to the Public as Information.

4 Responses to Writer says story facts are wrong

  1. BettyLloyd Reply

    June 14, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    This all is CRAP! Anyone with questions can ask our attorney questions, including you Kari!!

  2. BettyLloyd Reply

    June 14, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    I am requesting a retraction of this letter, this paper will be hearing from my attorney! This lady has been spreading rumors and lies about my rescue!

  3. kari Reply

    June 14, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    Thank you for giving me credit for this well written article and all of these facts can and have been verified with simple phone calls and emails and sadly there are even worse things going on that cannot be made public yet but she is not legal and she is not what she says she is.

  4. BettyLloyd Reply

    June 27, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    Pretty funny that the other letter had your name on it that was sent to the other paper! It’s ok Kari, I am requesting you retract this letter per your letter you received and fix all your lies. C.A.R.E is a registered Non Profit with the State of Michigan, when you wrote this, we were waiting for the state to finalize our paperwork it was still in the process of them getting it processed. Feel free to look it up if you would like to. This whole letter is filled with lies and slander, I have proof of my own and it will come out if this continues.

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