Writer takes issue with Liptow letter on Obamacare

Dear Editor:

In response to Jason  Liptow comments in Takes issue with Editor comments on Obamacare «the right wing hyperbole and fear-mongering?
Jason, How old are you?  are you one of those Indoctrinated young people that ran out in droves to Vote for the Socialist Messiah Obama? Because you truly seem to be one of the useful idiots, Like Stalin used to call them.

This Obamacare is the worst thing to take place in a long time…since 911 any way. ObamaCare is just a wealth redistribution scam…Nothing more. Kind of like Robin Hood taking from the wealthy and giving to the poor theory.

What this ObamaCare does is steal from the successful folks, to give to the non successful folks. If you are a younger person, You are the one it’s going to hurt the most.

You younger folks will be forced into keeping a job at Mc Donalds, instead of moving up the scale. Maybe this is what you actually seek, Because you have no intention of ever being a successful person?

You already live in a State that is filled with Generational Welfare receivers, So many intend to receive something for nothing. They feel entitled simply because they are alive, They have the “Give me” syndrome, Michigan has became a Huge Welfare State, and Now many Like you Jason, are seeking to turn the entire USA into a Welfare State.

Many in your state voted for the «Obama» because they were seeking more from the Tax payers. Welfare has increased 32% under this Obama. Waste, Fraud, and abuse runs rampant in Washington, No one in this corrupted left wing Obama administration is held accountable.

You people in Michigan had better wake up!  Use Detroit as the absolute perfect example of Left winger Democrat policy. Remember what the «Obama» stated?  “If you like your Healthcare Plan You can keep your Healthcare Plan Period.”

Turns out this was a truly outright LIE.  Democrats lie all the time and get by with it. They get a pass by the George Soros owned Lefty Socialist agenda media, and by folks like you Jason. You seem to not care that your President lied. This in itself warns me to your left wing indoctrination, That Socialism is better than Capitalism. This Forced by one party policy ObamaCar is just a stepping stone to Socialized medicine..and you know it.

However, Folks like yourself, will never own up to the agenda. You should have spoken to the man I did just the other day. maybe you could have learned something. This man was from Eastern Europe and he came to America for a knee replacement, because in his home land they put him on a five year waiting list for a knee replacement, He is 58 years old.

Jason, I hope you wake up before its too late. Ask yourself why so many Canadians come ac crossed the Border for American healthcare. Socialized Medicine is truly a death sentence.
Vince Eaton
Phoenix AZ
(Formerly Clare County)

3 Responses to Writer takes issue with Liptow letter on Obamacare

  1. jbarj80 Reply

    November 16, 2013 at 2:27 am

    Mr Vince Eaton.

    When you talk about being indoctrinated you forgot to include yourself. Its like you cut and pasted exact quotes from the Glen Beck Show, not saying you dont know how to think for yourself but you might want to actually examine the thought Beck has put into your head. For example, why didnt you say the man you spoke to was from Russia or another former Soviet Union country?? Maybe because you would get laughed at comparing the United States to the poorer countries of Russia or former USSR.

    Its also funny how you insist on talking about “robbing the successful” or redistribution of wealth. You probably left MI because it was too cold and you wanted to collect your social security in Arizona, hint social security is the same type of program you are against. Unless back in 1960′s you were putting in the same $$ amount people are require to pay into the system today. Probably not, you are getting a free handout. I am not against SS but you cant have it one way while having your other hand out collecting..

  2. vinner38 Reply

    November 17, 2013 at 11:32 pm


    I am not of so called social security age.
    I moved to Arizona 20 years ago for a J O B
    Shows what you really know.

    Signed Vince

  3. MiFoot Reply

    November 25, 2013 at 1:59 am

    Mr. Eaton, Federal Highway’s, Electricity, water piped in from the Colorado River HUNDREDS of miles away, Boarder Patrol, and Waste water treatment are just a few of the things that YOU (and everyone else living in the dessert) are enjoying that were paid for with tax dollars, that EVERYONE kicked in for. I don’t benefit from the spending of those tax dollars, yet they were still spent to benefit just a few Americans. That is what we do in America,look out for each other. Do I think it’s fair? YES I DO!!!
    Something had to be done with these Insurance Companies, who were dumping people left and right for no reason. Is this the best plan? Probably not, but it is a step in the right direction. No one should loose their home because of an illness. Yet that was happening by the thousands.
    As far as you weighing in on what is happening here in Michigan, you left and gave that right up 20 years ago. This is not the first time that we have struggled here in Michigan, nor will it be the last. Those of us who have stayed, will be part of the solution, just as we have always been. We don’t need an outsider telling us how to run our State.
    So just remember the next time you drive down that Federal Highway, turn on a light in your home, or flush your toilet, that the rest of the Country made that possible for you, and we are not even calling you a freeloader!!!

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