10 projects you can do on the weekend

March 27, 2015

When the rat race keeps you busy Monday through Friday, you really need to make your weekends count. Owning a home means ongoing maintenance to keep your house in tiptop condition and to make improvements as well. The weekend may be the ideal time to work on your home and keep it running smoothly.
Many home improvement projects are basic enough to enable you to complete them in a weekend. The Energy Star website provides homeowners with information and suggestions for improving the energy efficiency of your home. Once you finish sealing and insulating tasks, you should be able to save money on heating and cooling your home.
With an overview of the 10 top home improvement weekend projects, choose one for this weekend and get busy working on your home.

1.Painting Cabinets
When kitchen or bathroom cabinets are looking tired and worn, but new cabinetry isn’t in the budget, a fresh coat of paint may be all you need to revitalize cabinets. The best way to paint cabinets is to remove the cabinet doors from the cabinets to enable you to work on them. Set up sawhorses in a work area so you can place the doors onto them to work horizontally. After sanding the current finish down, the work simply involves priming and painting the cabinets with fresh primer and paint. Be sure to allow the cabinet doors time to dry completely before you rehang them on the cabinets. Consider installing new knobs in the cabinets to finish updating them.

garden trellis2.Garden Trellis
Whether you enjoy climbing plants like clematis in a flower garden or your vegetable garden has climbers, a garden trellis can be a simple and enjoyable weekend project. Build an A-frame trellis out of 2 x 2 cedar lengths of wood, bound together with strong twine. All you’ll need is a tape measure to measure your space, a hand saw to cut the wood to size and a post hole digger to drive the wood into the soil. Once you construct the trellis, plant climbing flowers or vegetables at the base and they’ll climb the trellis readily.

If clutter is threatening to take over your home, a weekend spent focusing on clutter should bring it back under control. You’ll need trash bags to hold the items you’re throwing away and giving away and bins to hold what you’re keeping. Work in one room at a time, going through items without mercy. If you don’t need or want items, place them into the bag to give away. If items are broken or don’t work, toss them. If you have items that you haven’t used for a while, it’s probably safe to give them away. As you go through your rooms, place items into your bins if they need to be stored elsewhere. You can deal with these things later. Keep working until you restore order in your rooms.

4.Refinishing Countertops
Laminate countertops can be an eyesore in a kitchen. If new countertops aren’t affordable, you may be able to resurface your current laminate countertop to give it a new appearance. As long ascement repair your current countertops are in good structural condition without any blistering or buckling, you can easily prepare the surfaces and apply a new coating in a weekend. The application process requires sanding the countertop, cleaning it, masking off surrounding areas and rolling on the new coating. You can even add decorative chips to the wet coating by sprinkling them over the surface.

5.Cement Repair
If cement walkways or driveways have cracks and holes, you might devote a weekend to repairing these eyesores. Hairline cracks require just a touch of cement, acting as a grout to repair the crack lines. Larger cracks and holes require cleaning out the cracks first before adding a patching compound. After filling in the cracks or holes, allow the area to dry completely before using the walkway or driveway.

painting a room6.Paint a Room
Add a new splash of color to any room with a fresh coat of paint. After removing the furniture and taping off the wood trim, lay down drop cloths and get busy. Cut in around the perimeters with a paintbrush and then apply paint with rollers for a smooth and fast application. Allow the first coat to dry and then add a second coat to ensure that you have solid coverage over the walls. Remove the tape and clean up the drop cloths and you’re finished with the painting project. You might even consider rearranging the furniture as you replace it in the room.

7.Recaulking the Bathroom
Caulk in the bathroom often cracks and chips away with time. When this happens, you should recaulk to ensure that you prevent water from seeping through the cracks. Cut off or slice away the old cracking and chipping caulk with a scraper or utility knife. After cleaning the area well to remove the old residue, apply fresh caulk with a caulk gun. Let the fresh caulk dry for 24 hours before using the bathtub.

8.Update Storage Solutions
If the storage in your closets and cupboards isn’t working effectively, you may wish to overhaul your system by updating your storage containers. New bins, baskets and containers can be an effective way to update your storage and purge your home of unwanted items. Go through your current storage containers and eliminate items you don’t need or want. When you finish, determine what type of storage you need to hold the items you keep. By purchasing new storage containers, you may help renew your motivation to keep your home better organized.

9.Clean the Gutters
Although cleaning the gutters may be one of the last jobs you wish to tackle on a weekend, leaving gutters clogged is just asking for more involved maintenance on your guttery system. Haul out theFall Cleanup - Leaves in Gutter ladder and the hose and remove all the leaves, pine needles and sticks from your gutters and downspouts. Once clean, you might consider installing covers that prevent debris from accumulating in the gutters.

10.Refinish Outdoor Wood
Wood that has to withstand the elements outside needs regular refinishing to ensure that it stays weather resistant. Drop some water on the wood of a fence or a deck and watch to see whether it beads up or absorbs into the wood. If it absorbs, it’s time to get out the paintbrushes and stain and add another coating of protective finish. Clean the wood surface first and allow it to dry. Then brush on stain to cover the wood surfaces completely.
Weekends aren’t that long, but you may be surprised what you can accomplish in two days.

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