100 political signs missing in Farwell

October 31, 2014

By Pat Maurer

Approximately 100 political signs – 75 for Farwell BOE candidate Holly Thrush and another 20-30 for candidates Bill Scott and Misti Haring, were stolen last Friday.

“I can’t believe anyone would do this,” Thrush said Thursday morning. “They must have been up all night doing it.”

Thrush said she had put out about 80 of the 100 signs she purchased and Scott and Haring had placed about 20 each. “It’s lucky I still had about 20 in my car,” she said. “They got all but around five of my signs.”

She said a local resident who is a trucker had witnessed signs being taken and that the Clare County Sheriff’s Department was investigating the theft. “They took signs from Lake to our house on Ludington Drive, at the edge of the district, from Lake 13, even Lake George.”

“Whoever it is, this must be very personal for them,” Thrush said. “They even came back the next night  and took a sign we had replaced near Red’s Oakridge.”

She said the signs cost her family around $400.

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