268 attend CHS’s 54th reunion

June 21, 2013

[By MargaretWhite) Zinser}

The Clare High School Alumni Association held their 54th Annual reunion and banquet June 15( 2013) at the Doherty Hotel, Clare.

Leonard Strouse, President and (1962) graduate, welcomed 286 registered alumni and guests. Sue Neff, (1967), led attendees in song. Following the pledge of allegiance, William Stough (1951) gave the invocation.

After a buffet lunch, Leonard Strouse, (1962), welcomed people from the classes of 1940 thru 1946. Jim Walter (1967), welcomed the New Class of 1968. A response from that class was given by Mary Stirling Lee (1968). The class of 1968 was represented by 19 attending alumni. Bernard Benchley (1962), welcomed the Golden Class of 1963. A response was given by Dick Sharp (1963). The class of 1963 was represented by 26 attending alumni.

Leonard Strouse, President, called the Business Meeting to order: He did a short memorial remembering the Veterans. Mark Hampton, (1963) and Vicky Bryant Hampton (1965) read the deceased from the past year and presented the flowers in tribute. The Treasurer’s Report was approved as published in the program. Leonard Strouse (1962), will fulfill his term next year. Mary Ann Mellin Shurlow (1965), will remain for the next year as Vice-President. Carol Kleinhardt Beatty (1957), will fulfill her term as treasurer. Margaret White Zinser (1964), will also complete her two year term this year. There being no other business, the meeting was closed. Benediction was offered by William Stough.

Alumni Association officers and committee for 2012: Leonard Strouse (1962) President; Mary Ann Mellin Shurlow (1965) Vice President; Margaret White Zinser (1964) Secretary; Carol Kleinhardt Beatty (1957), Treasurer.

Early in the year we had a large, loyal crew who came to stuff envelopes and apply labels and stamps. Emma Hershberger was our photographer. Margo Haring Benchley (1960) registration; Sharon Laing Mair, (1957) Marjorie Lynch Parks (1956), Margaret White Zinser, (1964), Judy Brown Bay, (1957) registration; greeter; Carl and Connie Strouse (1956), Guest, greeter:

1940: Betty Hampton Finout, Bill Wood, Lola Hartman Hagerl, Phyllis Maxwell Shields, Leonel Green, June Bergey Haines.
1941: Lloyd Eberhart
1942: Ella Cleveland Goodbread, Ken Kapplinger, Ruth Verette Cotter
1943: Erma Ott Kleinhardt, Wesley Samborn
1944: Garry Coveart, Donna Gardner Samborn, Helen Murphy McFarland
1945: Pat Lucas, Erma Eberhart Anderson, Kennetha Barnes,
1946: Ruth Cleveland Owens, Wilma Worstell Randall, Norm Schroeder, Patsy Irwin Schlafley, Bill Schlafley, Dare Harter Lucy
1947: Rose Rodgers Perry, Vernetta Pudvay Kapplinger, Roger Teale, Janet Sills Joslin, Gerald Rodabaugh, Mary Williams Reynolds, Betty Severson Miller, Bill Lucy
1948: Dawn Gardner Young, Joan Marshall Boettner, Bernice Ackerman Eberhart, Betty Bay Haynes, Ann Bicknell Kordenbrock, Dr. James Irwin
1949: Barbara Benchley Boyd, Lynn Hahn, Joe Pudvay, Bob Krell, Robert Pryor
1950: Delphine Haneckow Gibson, Merle Phillips, Lois Traines, Martha McKinnon Clarke, Wallace Brazie, Dorothy Gruno Pudvay, Donald Wallace, Bill Brewer, Tom Rodabaugh, Eugene Verrette
1951: K. C. Green, Bill Stough, Sarah Pryor Urbiha, Mary Jane Bicknell Murphy, Rita Beck Murphy, Tom Murphy, Nelda Montney, Murph, Olga Weadle Diehl, Darlene Lear Schunk, Sandra Schultz Campbell
1952: Jean Drake Murphy, William Seiter, Richard Smith, D. L. Artibee Warrick, A. J. Doherty, Richard Nivison, Johanna Smith Nivison, Donna Nivison Kauffman
1953: Mary Murphy Wentworth, Shirley Kile Stambaugh, Dorothy Benchley Cameron, Beverly Winter Mapes, Glenda Haring Baker, Lawrence Huntley, Ella Rose Giers Brewer, Ruthie Chapple Pardee, Madeline Seiter Brockway, Phyllis Hoover Byers
1954: Joyce Kleinhardt Schellhas, Bertha Sharp Stough, John White, Lois White Zeller, Carolyn Carter Bay, Walt Bay, Norris Bay, Joan Bates Hopkins, Carolyn Van Hoose Cobb
1955: Linda Archbold Zemko, Walter Longstreth
1956: Tom Beatty, Rev Benchley, Glenda Rutter Hartgrove
Carol White Crawford, Carl Strouse, Carl Schaaf, Jan Schaeffer Lucy Voss, Diane Grigg DeGeer, Larry Seiter, Leon Stanley, Rosemary Zimmerman Taylor, Marjorie Lynch-Park, Dexter Hubel
1957: Carol Kleinhardt Beatty, Bill Carter Vernette Dunkle Whiteman, Sharon Lang Mair, Jeannie Bowler Gisvold, Sandy Bergstrom , ewer, Judy Brown Bay, Don Bay, Dan Bay, Don Cobb, Joyce Wilson Crane,
1958: Jim Schaaf, Sherry Kigar Ramsay, Dick Zinser, Janet Bouchey Simrau, Carol Hynes Leis, Ron Drake, Richard Roe, Mary Maloney Roe, Sandy Russell Burch, Judy White Hubel, Bill Beemer
1959: Doris Court Hebner, Goergia Blackmore Wild, Roger Lower, Barbara Tubbs Hinton
1960: Rich Bolle, Margo Haring Benchley, William Legg, Leonard McJames, Brenda Trietch Longstreth, Frank Rowley, Sharon Beemer Bussineau, Anita Leis Herkel, John Zinser
1961: Carol Leis Hynes, Janet Hart Slocum, Karla Cooper, Kate Court Bolle, Bill McNerney, Kathleen Doherty McNerney, Edwin Williams, Rodger Hicks, W. David Bailey, Robert Ames,
1962: Bernard Benchley, Betty Miller Finch, Mary Leposkey Williams, Leonard Strouse, Dan Green,
1963: Dan Bolle, Gordon Carncross, Lois Presley McJames, Genie Frey McCoubrey, Gerald Prather, Elaine Mayer Hanchett, Bill Hanchett, Elna Vert Thompson, Lloyd Eberhart, Mark Hampton, Jack Lansing, Jan Brown Zydbel, Helen Penrose Koontz, Linda Warner Measel, William Bell, Dick Sharp, Theola Leeth Cleveland, Ralph Cleveland, Kathi Archbold Thompson, John Russell,
1964: Jerry Russell, Sharon Parkhurst Russell, Bob Wood, Karen Day, John Simpkins, Susan Marlow,
1965: Jim Wood, Beverly Haring Carncross, Priscilla Joyce Ervin Thompson, Tom Benchley, Doris Simpson Bell, Vicky Bryant Hampton, Evelyn Bradley Barnes, Delite Kistler Strouse
1966: Ted Papesh, Nancy Perrine Orr, Marilyn Lavoye Doyle, Barbara Walters, Connie Stephens Sutton,
1967: Don Dunlop, Jim Eberhart, Sue Neff, Billie Luke Willett, Tom Shafer, Ella Ackerman Warner, James Warner, Bill Branstrom, James Irwin, Jim Walter, Bonnie Walter,
1968: Delite Kistler Shafer, Sharon Czyzewski, Patty Davy Colclough, Elizabeth Lagoe, Bob McJames, Leoma Zilska, Pam Hartzler, Mike Hartzler, Mary Stirling Lee, Phillip Dole, Brenda Notter Hart, Joe Hart, Tom Sheredy, Sharon Bay Renney, Betty Shafer McKinney, Donna Skyring MacDonald, Larry Crawford
TEACHERS: Richard Snyder

DECEASED 2012/2013

Jack Brinkerhoff 1950
Marjorie House Shull 1939
Robert (Bob) Sharp 1956
Ardis Hales Bowers 1937
Ed Pudvay 1950
Donald Richmond 1952
Evelyn Bellinger Warner 1964
Phyllis Randall Keller 1959
Juanita Lear Greene 1942
Ray Lippold 1953
Vera Kleinhardt 1936
Marian Colmus Williams 1962
Beulah Long Praay
Fred Hoffman
Vena Gillespie 1946
Leona Gibbs VanSickle 1953
James Ryan 1943
Walt Bay 1954

A memorial was given by Mark Hampton (1963) and Vicky Bryant Hampton (1965), for the deceased alumni reported from June 17, 2012 to June 15, 2013. The flowers from this memorial were delivered to the residents of a nursing home here locally.

6-21-13 1968 Class Reunion Attendees2

Class of 1968

Class of 1968

Class of 1963

Class of 1963

Class of 1953

Class of 1953

Class of 1943 - Erma Ott Kleinhardt  and Wesley Samborn

Class of 1943 – Erma Ott Kleinhardt
and Wesley Samborn

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