27 Moms nurse their babies simultaneously at Clare event

August 9, 2013

8-9-13 Latch on at cops-doughnuts 2Moms and babies got together last Friday morning to show their support for breastfeeding.

Jessica Sova, breastfeeding coordinator and a public health dietitian at the Central Michigan District Health Department, said, “We had a total of 27 babies and 26 mothers that participated in the Big Latch On at Cops & Doughnuts last Friday morning. The Big Latch On is a worldwide event to bring together nursing mothers and show support for breastfeeding. We decided to host this event because at Central Michigan District Health Department, we provide peer-based breastfeeding support in all of our six county WIC clinics. We are so grateful to Cops & Doughnuts for being willing to host this event. We also appreciate the donations made by our community partners.”

She said nationwide 14,536 mothers nursed their babies simultaneously.

In 2012 a record of 8,862 was set and the goal was to break that record this year.

According to their website, The Big Latch On is coordinated by Small Beginnings Group LLC and the Women’s Health Action (herein Big Latch On).

The first record in the US for one location was in Berkley, California in 2002 when 2,230 mothers breastfed simultaneously. The first international record set for one location is 3,738 mothers in the Philippines in 2006.

The event started in New Zeeland in 2005 by the Women’s Health Action and was introduced in Portland Oregon in 2010 by Joanne Williams, Small Beginnings Group as a celebration for World Breastfeeding Week.

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