30 attend Farwell basketball camp

July 5, 2013

7-5-13 K-2 HOOPZONE campWhile some people may look at instructing kids age 4-7 in basketball like trying to corral a herd of cats, it’s not the case at HOOPZONE Basketball.

As young basketball campers from all over central Michigan merged on the campus of Farwell Area Schools it was obvious there was excitement in the air as K-2 Little Shot camp was about to begin!  With stomachs full of butterflies it was a mixed bag of emotions with the 30 campers in attendance.  Some it was their first experience in a gym setting with so many kids, while others they just couldn’t wait to get back to learn more.

“It is fun to see the wide range of emotions as the kids arrive on the first day”, says coach Bruce Owens, “some run to give me a hug, while others hide behind their parents, but once they realize they can do it they are all in”.

K-2 Little Shot camp focuses on building motor skills like balance, coordination, basic movement, body control and instructing the very basic fundamentals of the game.  Fundamentals introduced were the 3 basic skills of dribbling, passing and shooting.  Once they got these down they learned about jump stops, pivoting and more.

Using small balls and a few baskets at various heights campers felt comfortable using the proper form taught when it came to handling the ball and shooting.  In addition to learning campers received a free HOOPZONE t-shirt, Clare Dairy Phil meal coupon, group photo and a K-2 Basketball book!

HOOPZONE will offer 3 more camps this summer.  HOOP STARS for grades 3-5 in July and shooting and ball handling camps for grades 6-12 in August.  Learn more at http://www.hoopzonebasketball.com/.

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