450 attend MMCC student showcase

June 29, 2017

In order to highlight student work, Mid Michigan Community College (MMCC) recently hosted a second annual Student Showcase on each campus. The events

Exhibits at the annual Student Showcase included various projects, activities and displays.

Exhibits at the annual Student Showcase included various projects, activities and displays.

welcomed over 450 visitors and allowed all attendees to explore student work and engage in meaningful discussions with students. MMCC students completed the projects represented in the previous academic year.

“I was impressed with what students had accomplished over the past two semesters,” says Diane Miller, MMCC Speech Instructor. “I am now able to greet many students by name that have never taken my classes—this event both shows what our students achieve, and also deepens our learning community.”

Exhibits included an array of projects, activities, and displays, including speeches and panel discussions, short films, posters, and demonstrations. Achievement awards were given to 186 students, who were evaluated by a panel emeritus faculty judges, included Jack Morse, Jan Ackerman, Barry Alford, and John Skinner.
“We learn so much when we learn from each other,” says MMCC President Christine Hammond. “This event celebrates both our students’ accomplishments and our faculty members’ commitment to supporting student learning.  Seeing the students’ work and meeting their families and friends is very rewarding.”

Drs. Paul and Laura Vosejpka, Dow Chemical, MMCC Faculty Senate, MMCC Foundation, Witbeck’s Family Foods of Clare, Ric’s Food Center of Mt. Pleasant, and Family Fare of Harrison generously provided funding for the Student Showcase. Plans are already underway for the 2018 Student Showcase.

Individual Project Award Winners included Elza Hays, Jessica VanPelt, Emily Millmine, Raven McLellen, Joshua Woods, Chelsea Drendall, Alyse Bauer, Jesse Warner, Katie Troyer, Amos Ashby, Brent Gunn, Kaitlynne Warmack, Natalie DeLorenzo, Bobie-Shynne Hare, Angela Henderson, Sarah Krell, David Castellon, Sherri Hutchins, Courtney Fahlgren, Tim Green, Emilio Campos, Shivam Tapiawala, and Jade Vogel.

Group Project Award Winners included Matt Dietz, David Christians, Kevin Stoutjesdyk, Cameron Vineyard, Brandon Weitbrecht, April Andol, Maria Flamand, Eric Gerbe, Rebecca Hoffman, Ashlee Kummer, Nicole Jobe, Christine Rhode, Kaitlyn Barnett, Kayla Butcher, Brittany Haton, Kara Lee-Samalik, Amanda Ludwig, Paige Needham, Shannon Nicholl, Michelle Raab, Lydia Sabin, Candace Coleman, Everett Benedict, Chesanie Carey, Josette Dancer, Olivia Drier, Andrew Dunbar, Brendan Fick, Brittany Lewis, Nicholas Simon, Kaitlin Story, Belinda Wilson, Amber Wentz, Katelyn Whitman, Austin Wilbur-Overfield, Holly Walker, Christie Steel, Eva Spedoska, Shelley Smith, Tristan Shimmons, Megan Shields, Paige Schoo, Jacob Schlaack, Collete Sansom, Zachary Russell, Natalya Prosser, Kyler Phillips, Bambi Perry, Gabrielle Perkins, Debbier Peterson, Mary Ostahowski, Xavier Norris, Trevor Nelson, Bruce Myles, Melody Moore, Kameron Meuser, JD Mead, Mary Martin, Joe Marchiando, Brooke Malley, Stephanie Lunceford, Kathryn Kube, Ella Kraft, Kaylee Jacobs, Robert Hundley, Brian Humm, Emily Holmes, Cayden Holman, William Hoefling, Shelby Hawver, Sammi Gauthier, Michelle Greig, Tenley Good, Grant Gage, Jesse Elliott, Ashley Eichhorn, Isaac Davis, Lexi Chase, Stacy Chichester, Storme Hernandez-Carleton, Richard Clink, Adam Burns, Tara Brown, Ioana Brown, Victoria Bobzien, Rachel Bigford, Bex Betts, Robert Armstead, Daniel Ball, BrenAnn Baum, Brooklynn Buffa, Courtney Cooley, Mitchell Cooper, Isaac Dieterman, Zachary Fogg, McKenzie Greenacre, Sierra Griffin, Samantha Hall, Kayla Jakubowski, Anthony Mallia, Abigail Moeggenberg, Olakele Olakanmi, Melanie Piedra, Kayla Trevino, George Whitley, Rachel Young, Savannah Celestino, Selina French, Kevin Jones, Alison Kosiara, Kristen Longstreth, Melissa Robinette, Hannah Robinson, Kaitlyn Smith, Hannah Averill, Desiree Cantrell, Alex Dailey, Dan Gepford, Alisa Priest, April Hudlow, Sarah Grant, Savanah Grant, Gabrielle Dangler, Pat Patterson, John-Anthony Stepp, Bradley Evans, Samantha Hoffman, Kayli Miller, Cobi Pellerito, Sammy Sosky, Jade Vogel, Charles Tarver, Kierre Gilmore, Bethany Brooks, Brandon Meiste, Matthew Frankiln, Tammy Berry, Allissa Greenacre, Mariah McBride, Rashana Price, Desarae Robinson, Kelsey Ruby, Marguerite Vinton, Reese Avery, Clayton Burch, Michael Cater, Craig Owens, Michael Shattuck, Allie Porteous, Cassidy Tenwalde, Stephanie Pepe, Amanda Bales, Emily Millmine, Heaven Huizinga, Annecia Smith, Katlyn Walker, Xochitl Hernandez, Samantha Mogg, Lauren Watson, Sabrina Kerns, Karina Carrasco, Emylee Allen, and Jessica Cordes.

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