57 tax refunds to be issued

January 16, 2014

By Pat Maurer

In a very brief Grant Township meeting Tuesday night, Treasurer Tammy Shea reported a “glitch” in the 2013 tax bills.

She said the Clare County Equalization Department had notified her that an error had been made in computing the bills for 57 Commercial parcels in Grant, Sheridan and Hatton Townships, and that refunds would be necessary. The total amount overcharged in the three townships was about $400, she said.

Shea said only 11 of the properties were in Grant Township, and that of the 11, four would be getting substantial refunds. “I was worried that it would cause problems with the accounting,” she said, “but it wasn’t as much of a problem as I first thought.” She said the error was in the rate charged for the parcels.

The board approved a motion not to refund overpaid tax amounts less than $3.00.

The Road Commission report at the meeting also listed a special Public Meeting scheduled by the CCRC  to get public comment on “the expenditure of federal and state funds on eligible county roads and transit facilities in the years 2014- 2017.

The meeting was scheduled for Thursday, January 16 at 10 a.m.

An item about the Road Commission agreement for Rowe Incorporated for Grant Township road work in 2014 was tabled until the February meeting.

County Commissioner Leonard Strouse reported that the County board would be selecting a new chair and vice-chair at the Wednesday meeting. He also asked interested people to apply to serve on the County Planning Commission, saying the original board had all resigned late last year. He said some of the board members reportedly wanted to rescind their resignation, but that the County Commission had already accepted them.

Other business at the brief board meeting included the payment of bills totaling $52,591.70.

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