7 townships face candidate challenges

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent

Seven Clare County township boards have challenges in Tuesday’s General Election and two have at least one proposal on the ballot.

Redding and Winterfield residents will vote on an increase for Marion Schools and Redding will also have a proposal for road improvements on their ballot.

Redding Township’s board members (Superintendent Thomas Krchmar (R), Clerk Janelle Staley (D), Treasurer Marianne Borgula (D) and Democratic Trustees Ginger Ashbaugh and Sandra Mann) are unopposed but voters there will decide on the two proposals: a one-mill increase for five years to fund road improvements in that township and a .7 mill proposal for ten years to create a sinking fund for Marion Public Schools to fund construction and repair to the district school buildings.

Some of Winterfield Township voters will also see the Marion Public School sinking fund millage on their ballot Tuesday. Without any ballot challenges their board: Superintendent Mark Hammar (D), Clerk Kathryn Decker (D), Treasurer Linda Peterson (R), and Republican Trustees Shelly Laughlin and Harry Martin will keep their seats for another term.

Lincoln, Greenwood, Freeman, Sheridan, Frost, Summerfield and Hayes Townships all have challenges for one or more seats on their township boards.

Freeman Township

Freeman Township will have the most candidates to choose from.  Sheyla Young (R) will face Janet Lackie (D) to fill the township treasurer’s seat. Lackie beat incumbent Rosemary Lightfoot in the Primary Election. Lightfoot, of Lake, will be running as a Democrat “Write In” for Freeman Township Treasurer. She said, “It has been an Honor and a Privilege to have served as your Township Treasurer for the past 24 years. I have performed these duties flawlessly, and would like to continue serving. My door has been open anytime day or night, and will continue to be.”

There are also four candidates for two trustee seats: Republicans Cheryl Myers and Leo Stephens and Democrats Sandra Sable and Richard Wells. Incumbent Helen Bardallis was eliminated in the Primary.

John Blain  beat Incumbent Supervisor Mark Lightfoot in the Democratic Primary. Incumbent Clerk Pat Humphrey (D) and Blain are both unopposed on Tuesday although Mark Lightfoot has announced that he will run as a write-in candidate for Supervisor.  He said, “During the past 16 years we have made some great improvements in our Township. We paid off our Township Hall early, paved many roads, and put limestone on many more. We have a compactor at our transfer site, saving our Township $1000′s of dollars every year, and installed a WiFi tower to bring high speed internet to ALL of our residents. There is still a lot to do and with your help we can continue moving forward.”

Lincoln Township

There are three candidates running for two open trustee seats on the Lincoln Township Board: Republican Janice Chapman, and Democrats Jerry Bridges and Mike Tobin.

Chapman said she feels that her office manager experience and volunteer and community projects have enhanced her skills of building consensus, teamwork, planning, organization and follow up, collaboration and communication. She said she vows to “use those skills, researching issues thoroughly while keeping an open mind to best serve the community as a whole.” She plans to stay current with changing laws and programs by attending workshops and seminars.

Republican Lincoln Township Supervisor Dennis Zimmerman, Democratic Clerk Carol Majewski and Democratic Treasurer Maggie Carey are all unopposed on Tuesday’s ballot.

Greenwood Township

Greenwood Township voters are facing the same situation. Republican incumbent James Korman and Democrats Barbara Ferrett and Michael Howard will face off for two trustee positions on that board.

Ferrett said “I am committed to having a balanced budget and making sure that our roads are in good condition. I want the residents to know that I will work and do my best for them.”

Supervisor Lester Vida (D), Clerk Linda Bailow (D) and Republican Treasurer David Lawrence are all unopposed in the coming election.

Sheridan Township also has three candidates vying for two trustee seats: Incumbent James Warner and newcomer James Eberhart, who won a toss after tying with Brian Tomaski in the Primary, both Republicans and Steven Lee Budd with No Party Affiliation.

Sheridan Supervisor William Strouse, Clerk Leane Strouse and Treasurer Jennifer Magnus, all Republicans, have no challengers on Tuesday’s ballot.

Three more candidates are on the ballot for two trustee seats on the Frost Township board: Republicans Roger Betot and Jennie Pagel and Democrat Harold Becker.

Frost Supervisor Marion Coon (D), Clerk Emerson Davis (R), and Treasurer Jody Lipovsky (R) are unopposed on the ballot.

In Summerfield the question will be who will fill the Supervisor’s position for the next four years. Republican Brice H. bond will face Penny McGlaughlin on the ballot. Other board members: Clerk Aloma Joslin (R), Treasurer Sherrie Cox (No Party Affiliation), and Republican trustees David Tuttle and Robert T. Warner are all unopposed Tuesday.

The last of the Township challenges is in Hayes Township where Virginia Collins (R) faces Raymond Rubenstein (D) for Supervisor and two Democrats Robert Hale and John Scherer, and one Republican Lee Dancer are vying for two trustee seats. Clerk Kevin Breese (D) and Treasurer Maye Tessner-Rood (D) are both unopposed in the election.

There will be no surprises in the other township elections.

In Arthur Township, five Republicans are assured seats on the board. Lee Schunk will be Supervisor; Julie Walker has the Clerk’s slot, David Leggett will be Treasurer and Trustees are Lamar Gunden and Erma M. Kleinhardt.

Grant’s board will remain the same with Republicans Dan Dysinger, Jr. as Superintendent, Susan Wentworth as Clerk, Tammy Shea as Treasurer, and Margery Bell and Richard Zinser as Trustees.

Surrey Township’s board will remain with Russ Hamilton (D) as Supervisor, Glenna Bradbury (D) as Clerk, Esther Pitchford (R) as Treasurer and Joseph Maxey II (R) and Carol Dixon (D) as Trustees.

Franklin Township’s board is also unopposed Tuesday. Edward Erskine (R) will be Supervisor, Diane Blackburn (R) will be Clerk, Sandy Scherrer (R) will be Treasurer and Trustees Jacqueline Ecklin (R) and Yvonne Dalton (D) will keep their seats for the next four years.

Hamilton Township’s board is also unchallenged in Tuesday’s election. Supervisor David Cooper (R), Clerk Finette LaBoda (D), Treasurer Mickie Duby (D) and Trustees Mike Iutzi and David Wright (both Republican) will all keep their seats.

Hatton Township’s board will also be intact for the next term. Superintendent William Hillman (R), Clerk Marcy Malson (R), Treasurer Patricia Shull (R), Trustee David Lee Farrell (R) and William Frederick Guiette (D) will fill the board.

With no challengers, Garfield Township Board will also remain as: Supervisor David Lee Byl (R), Clerk Martha Rottiers (D), Treasurer Robin Yarhouse (R), and Trustees Mark Irwin and Lisa Roland (both Republicans).

Mark Lightfoot is running as a “Write In” candidate for the office of Freeman Township Supervisor (Democrat)