9 band students chosen to perform in Battle Creek

Nine area high school brass band students from Clare Public Schools and Farwell Area Schools were a part of history on Saturday, June 1, 2013, when the Youth Brass Band of Battle Creek made its debut performance.  Students were asked to submit an application and letter of reference, with nearly 75 students choosing to participate.  This one-day experience provided students with an opportunity to spend time with world-famous brass and percussion musicians.  In addition, they attended leadership sessions, master classes and finally, performed alongside the Brass Band of Battle Creek.  Guest Conductor for the concert, entitled “On the Shoulders of Giants”, was Major Dwayne Milburn.

The Brass Band of Battle Creek is a 31 member professional brass band which performs music of all styles. Members come from orchestras throughout the United States and Europe, colleges and universities, and service bands from Washington, D.C., as well as professional free-lance artists.*

In addition to the performances by the Brass Band of Battle Creek, a primary goal of the band is to provide hands on education to students. The band works with area schools before each performance to increase their knowledge of brass band music and increase their technique through various methods. Since 1990 they have provided educational opportunities in the local schools to over 300 students per year.*

Clare Public Schools was represented by:  Josiah Bear, Peter DeRoche, Jordan Hales, Laura Mater and Kevin Spicer-Torres.  Farwell Area Schools was represented by:  Karissa John, Maria Murphy, Tristan Shimmons, and Zachary Thompson.

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