Access Point seeks to help underinsured in count

May 31, 2013

By Genine Hopkins

MidMichigan Health Center in Clare and many of its healthcare providers are expanding coverage to un- and underinsured citizens through a sliding scale fee program and is looking for citizens to connect with providers. The program – Access Point – offers a brief application process for clients who might not otherwise be able to afford full costs of healthcare visits and then a healthcare home convenient for the client is located. The program, which has just begun this year, seeks potential clients to enroll.

“This program will help potential clients by allowing them the opportunity for reduced costs healthcare, hopefully increasing office visits for these clients so they can get healthy,” said Allison Hubbard of MidMichigan Health Center, who has been tirelessly working to enroll clients.

Many citizens without healthcare don’t see a healthcare provider regularly, instead seeking treatment for more severe acute and chronic conditions. This sets them up for increased care costs, something nobody really desires. MidMichigan Health hopes that the county’s working poor will take full advantage of this opportunity to establish a healthcare home and reduce chronic conditions, leading to a healthier county.

Hubbard presented the program to Together We Can Health Improvement Committee in April and has been working with the Central Michigan District Health Department to coordinate their WIC days with times MidMichigan can be on hand at the CMDHD’s Harrison location to sign up new clients.

“It has been a slow process, but we hope that as the word gets out, more people will take advantage of this opportunity,” said Hubbard.

The application is VERY short, and requires only a few minutes to complete. Once the application has been processed, income verification may be needed, but it is really quite a simple process.

“We hope that by initiating such a program as Access Point, we can help improve the health of county citizens,” Hubbard stated.
If you or anyone you know could be eligible for this reduced medical costs program, please contact the CMDHD or MidMichigan Health Center directly to find out how to apply.

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