Actons enjoy playing in community band

August 30, 2012

Brothers Larry and Darren Acton will perform with the Gateway Community Band under the direction of their High School Band director Ken Feneley.

Two long time members of the Gateway Community Band, brothers, Larry and Darren Acton. grew up in Clare and were members of the Clare School Band program under then band director, Ken Feneley. Larry played the trumpet and Darren played percussion in the Clare School Bands.


Larry studied Industrial Management and International Business at Northwood University and works at General Motors. He met his wife on a hay ride, married and had two children, Duane and Brent and a yellow lab named Bella. During his spare time, he enjoys skiing and golfing with his family. Upon being asked if he would play in a community band, Larry wholeheartedly agreed as he explains, “Once I heard that Ken Feneley was going to be the director, how could I say no?”


Darren studied Industrial Supervision and Management and Electrical Engineering Technology at CMU and is now works in Sales Engineer-Industrial Automation. He played in the CMU Band, several Cover Bands and is also a member of the Scottville Clown Band. He met his girlfriend, Jenn Ferry, during a Mud Volleyball tournament and enjoys spending time with her and her daughters, Alise and Alexis. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing and has been the Ski School Director at Snow Snake Ski and Golf since 1996. Darren is the Percussion Section Leader for the Gateway Community Band.


The Gateway Community Band is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization with members, ranging in age from recent high school graduates to retirees, coming from all over Mid-Michigan. The band presents an average of four concerts each season, which runs from September until July. The members share a common bond: a genuine love of making great music! Our next rehearsal for the Christmas Concert begins on Thursday night, September 20th at 7:30 p.m. in the Clare High School band room. Anyone who enjoys playing an instrument and having a great time is invited! For more information, please visit see us on our facebook page.

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