Augenstein, Blain, Bond elected supervisors

November 8, 2012

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent

Tuesday’s voters had to choose trustees in six townships, Supervisors in three and a treasurer in one township.

Freeman Township had the most choices. John Blain, selected to run for Supervisor in the Democratic Primary, faced incumbent Mark Lightfoot again when he ran on a write-in ticket. Blain won the seat with a 398 to 139 vote. For township treasurer, Republican Sheila Young and write-in roasemary Lightfoot lost to Janet Lackie (D). Lackie collected 260 votes, Young garnered 220 and Lightfoot had 117 write-in votes.

Four faced off for two trustee seats on the board. Winners were Democrats Sandra Sable with 304 votes and Richard Wells with 298. They  beat Republicans Leo Stephens with 250 and Cheryl Myers with 240.

There was lots of action in Hayes Township as well. In the race for Supervisor, Raymond Augenstein (D) won 924-743 against Virginia Collins (R).

The two trustee seats were won by Lee Dancer (R) and John Scherer (D) over Robert Hale (D). Dancer collected 1,035 votes; Scherer had 894 and Hale came in third with 889.

With 130 votes, Republican Brice H. Bond will be the Summerfield Township Supervisor. He bested Penny McGlaughlin (D) who had 105 votes.

Lincoln, Greeenwood, Sheridan and Frost Township each had three vying for two trustee positions on their boards.

In Lincoln Township, Mike Tobin (D) took the top slot with 484 votes; Jerry Bridges (D) will fill the second seat since he earned 435 votes and Janice Chapman was ousted with 362 votes.

In Greenwood Township, the two trustee slots will be filled by James Korman (D) and Barbara Ferrett (R). Korman earned 320 votes, Ferrett collected 281 and Michael Howard (D) was the loser with 232.

James Eberhart (R) and James Warner (R) will fill the two trustee positions on the Sheridan Township board. Eberhart collected 373 votes; Warner earned 326 and Steven Lee Budd came in last with 101 votes.

Finally, in Frost Township the trustee seats will be filled by Harold Becker (D) with 271 votes and Jennie Pagel (R) with 251 ballots. Roger Betot (R) took tthird place with 247 votes.





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