Bad weather boon for some area businesses

By: Sydnee Stratton

Freezing rain, harsh snow, black ice, thick slush, extreme winds, and freezing temperatures have plagued Michigan once again.

A mellow winter can result in fun activities, hot cider, soft snowflakes, and a beautiful winter wonderland. This winter is full of accidents due to black ice and thick slush pulling cars into treacherous ditches.

The Clare County Sheriff’s Department responded to 46 traffic accidents in a five hour period on February 10.  Sixteen of those accidents required a written report due to damage or injury.

One business that is doing very well in this terrible weather is the towing companies.

Marc Langlois from Mid-State Towing in Harrison said, “This weather is keeping me very busy. There’s a lot of cars sliding off the icy roads that acquire assistance.”

Marlin Fox, owner of Quality Truck and Tire Service in Clare commented, “Business is super. I’m loving every minute of it. It makes for a lot more work. Trucks are breaking down or freezing or having other problems.”

Jim Paetschow, owner of Jim’s Body Shop and Mid-Michigan Towing in Clare said, “I love it. This weather is fantastic. It’s what we wait for, business is booming because of the weather. It’s making the body shop and towing business thrive. We’re busy as ever!”

Some businesses aren’t thriving with the bad weather. Shari Buccilli from Buccilli’s Pizza in Clare said, “This weather helps the delivery portion, but the dining room is really slow. I can’t complain too much.”

Matt Baldwin from Carrow’s Supermarket in Farwell said, ” Business gets very busy the days before bad weather hits and then it gets quiet after it happens. It’s the same every year. We always try to gear up for the weather and storms and provide everything people need like sidewalk salt, bottled water, hats and mittens, snow shovels, and other things.”

Winter can hinder one’s spirits, hurt the economy, and cause injuries. Winter forces many to stay inside until green grass begins peeking through the snow and the sun shines forcefully through the grim, gray clouds.

Ken Warner, owner of KW Feeds in Farwell, said, “This weather is great for business. People need to feed the wildlife or their animals, especially in this cold weather. We sell heat sources, like pellets and coal, and people need to heat their houses.”

John VanAntwerp, owner of Snowbird Lanes in Harrison said, “The weather hasn’t been affecting me much. People want to bowl all through the winter, so it hasn’t been too bad.”