Ballot Proposals in Primary Election

August 3, 2012

Voters will decide on several ballot proposals in the Primary Election next Tuesday.

Renewal of the Clare City Parks and Recreation Millage asks voters to continue the three-quarter mill levy for ten more years. If approved the millage will generate $64,368.47  in the first year alone to improve the City’s parks and facilities.

Clare residents that live in Isabella County (Precinct 1-B) will vote on a Parks and Recreation Millage proposal asking .35 of one mill for improvements in that county. The millage is for six years.

An Operating Millage for the United Rescue Ambulance Authority will be on the Primary ballot for voters in Harrison City and the townships of Franklin, Frost, Greenwood, Hamilton, Hayes, Redding and Summerfield Townships. The proposal asks voters to approve .9 mills for a five-year period to be used for operations of the service.

Both Winterfield and Redding Township voters will also vote on three millage proposals for the Marion School District and the Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District.

Marion Schools are asking voters to approve an average annual .44  millage for an up to seven year $410,000 bonding issue to purchase school busses and radio equipment.

The Marion School District is also asking voters to approve a ten-year .7 mill issue to create a sinking fund to be used construction and/or repair of school buildings.

A Special Education millage proposal in Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District will restore millage reduced by the Headlee Amendment to a voted level of 3.5 mills, which was previously approved by the district voters. The millage will be for three years, and add more than $600,000 to the district coffers.

Frost Township voters will decide on two proposals, the first a general operating millage and the second a millage proposal for the Harrison District Library.

Frost is asking voters for 1.5 mills for ten years for general operating purposes. The Library millage is for .95 mills for eight years. Approval will allow Frost to become a participating member of the library.

In Lincoln Township voters will decide on two millage proposals: a renewal and increase to former voted millage of 1.5 mills for fire protection services for ten years; and a renewal and increase to the former voted 1.25 millage level for law enforcement services for a period of ten years.

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