Bids in for water tower, industrial park, road

July 25, 2014

By Pat Maurer

The beginning of construction on Clare’s new industrial park, new water tower and the renovations and expansion of Colonville Road are getting closer.

Bids are in for construction of the Clare North Industrial Park and improvements to Colonville Road, Acting Clare City Manager Steve Kingsbury reported Monday night at the regular meeting.

In his report, Kingsbury said the City engineer, Gourdie Fraser, has already reviewed bids and given their recommendation for the contractors to be awarded for the construction of the Clare north Industrial Park, the new City water tower and the reconstruction of Colonville Road between Old U.S. 27 and Eberhart Road.

Kingsbury reported that the bid recommendations have been submitted to the Economic Development Administration and to the United States Department of Agriculture – Rural Development for review.

Seven bids were opened for the Division A project – water, sewer and infrastructure in the new park. They came from Tri City, Crawford Construction, Malley Construction, Central Michigan Construction, JJ’s Excavating, Dunigan Brothers and Isabella Corporation and ranged from $2,281,821.80 to $2,833,004.19.

Dunigan Brothers Incorporated, with the low bid of just under $2.282 million was the recommended choice by City Engineers Gourdie-Fraser in a letter to the Economic Development Administration.

Gourdie-Fraser recommended Maguire Iron Inc. as the low bidder for Division B (the water tower) at a low bid of $1,444,000. Other bidders for the water tower project included Caldwell Tanks, CB & I, and Phoenix Fabricators. The bids ranged from Maguire’s bid of $1.444 million to $1.579 million.

Three bids came in for the reconstruction of Colonville Road: from Malley Construction at $699,999.50; Central Michigan Contracting at $835,638.00; and Dunigan Brothers at $892,045.50. Gourdie-Fraser will review those bids, check references and make a recommendation to the City next week, Kingsbury said.

When the EDA and USDA-RD approve the park and water tower bids, the City Commission will make a decision on the bid awards. Construction may begin in early August with their approval. Kingsbury said the Commission may have to hold a special meeting to award the work on the park and water tower.

The City Commission also approved Mayor Pat Humphrey’s appointment of seven members to the new Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA) which allows the City to capture tax revenue in the new industrial park for park improvements. One year appointments included J.J. Klaus and Kirk Smith; two year appointments went to Steve Letherer and Dawn Thomas; three year appointments were John Miller and Mary Warner; and Gus Murphy was given a four year appointment to the board.

The Clare County representative on the 11-member LDFA board will be Leonard Strouse and the Mid Michigan Community College representative is Scott Govitz. Loren Cole and Steve Stark will represent the Clare Board of Education.

Other business at Monday’s Clare City Commission meeting included:

*Approval of a $10,000 Airport Block Grant from the Michigan Department of Transportation to complete design of wetland mitigation required from the construction of the 1,500 foot parallel taxiway for Runway 04/22 at the Clare Municipal Airport.

*Approved an Airport Wetland Mitigation Design Contract with Mead & Hunt for design of the project. The City’s share of the total cost of $24,700 is $617.50.

*Approval to purchase a new utility pick-up for the Department of Public Works from low bidder Krapohl Ford at a cost of $32,985.

*Approval of the slate of incumbent candidates for the Michigan Municipal League (MML) Workers Compensation Fund Board. Candidates are Christine Burns, Frank Campbell and Alva Mills.

*The first reading of an amendment to Zoning Ordinance 2014-003 stipulating that overhanging signs be more than eight feet above ground and below the top of the building’s second floor.

*Approval of the re-appointment of Tom House to the Construction Board of Appeals Committee.

*Plans to implement a local ordinance prohibiting the discharge of fireworks between 1 and 8 a.m. on the state allowed days for the day before, the day of and the day after holidays.

*A reminder that August 2 will be a volunteer work day at the Clare Railroad Depot with volunteers needed for the work; that electronic recycling will take place August 9 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the City; and that the annual Pilots Association Ice Cream Social and Concert will be held at the Airport on August 11 beginning at 6 p.m.

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