Blain first to graduate

December 27, 2012

The Early College of Farwell Area Schools celebrated its first graduate, Trevor Blain, on December 17 during a ceremony held at the Jamie Performing Arts Center.

Blain graduated from Farwell High School with his diploma and the 49 college credits he earned through the Early College; a program that gives students who commit to a fifth year of high school the opportunity to earn both their high school diploma and up to an associate’s degree at no charge at the end of the fifth year.

Blain will study engineering at Kettering University this January where he was awarded an annual scholarship of up to $15,000. The exact amount of the scholarship will be determined each year at Kettering based on his GPA.

After nearly dropping out of school due to failed classes and discipline issues in his early years of high school, Blain used credit recovery opportunities through the Clare-Gladwin RESD’s SPARKS program, as well as dual enrollment offerings through Farwell Schools to get back on track, become a part of the first cohort of Early College students, and pursue his dreams of a career in engineering.

“It seems like just last week I was getting suspended for… getting into fist fights in the hallways.Now, I can’t believe that all these people are here, listening to me speak,” Blain said during the speech he gave at the ceremony. “The Early College program worked for me because I felt like what I was learning, I could use. It made me interested in going to college by showing me what college was like.”

“Trevor Blain is a wonderful example of a student who has learned so much more than just academics while at Farwell Schools,” said Farwell High School Principal Dee Yarger.

“Trevor took the opportunities presented to him, and because of that, Farwell has had the chance to witness a student with so much potential, figure out how to use it.”

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