Blast levels Dodge City home

October 25, 2013

by Marhea Pease

10-25-13 Explosion DSCN4492

The house where the explosion happened is gone. It was annihilated in the blast. Shown here, this neighbor’s home is also a total loss.

On Monday October 21st at 6 a.m. the home of Stewart Nemeth, 6774 Lake Street in Dodge City blew up as a result of a gas leak exposure. Neighbors say Nemeth was trying to turn the furnace on over the weekend and was unable to do so successfully.
The explosion was so great it was felt as far as a mile away shaking the houses of those in the area. Robin Sizemore of Dodge Lake lives 9 blocks away from the house, “I had my granddaughter with me at my house that night. All of a sudden I heard this loud BOOM! The house shook. I thought it was my husband falling. When he came in I realized it must have been a gunshot or explosion. He went outside to check to see if something was shot down in the sky.”

The blast reached outwards of 120 feet into Haven Lake littering neighbors backyards across the lake, and upwards of 80 feet where the debris and large portions of the walls were hanging on the pine trees. The explosion also propelled into the home of Ron and Pam Hembroff next door catching the entire house ablaze; their house is also considered a total loss. Luckily with all of the rain Dodge City had been receiving the fire was able to be contained within the hour and did not spread to other neighboring houses.

There have been no confirmed injuries or fatalities as both homes were seasonal vacation homes. A large cleanup is going to be needed to retrieve all of the remains that has entered into the lake and surrounding area. The explosion is still under investigation.

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