Borawski featured on cover of UK magazine

May 9, 2014


Theresa Borawski is  featured in the May 13 issue of “Best.”

Theresa Borawski is featured in the May 13 issue of “Best.”


By Pat Maurer

Theresa Borawski, Retention Advisor at Mid Michigan Community College, has become a famous person around the world. She is featured in the May 13 issue of “Best,” a United Kingdom publication which came out this week in London.

She did it by sharing her story, something she continues to do. In fact she will speak in Lansing today and May 16 she will be on the stage at Soaring Eagle, in front of an expected 1,800 people to tell exactly how she did it.

Theresa changed her whole life. She set out to achieve what seemed to be an impossible goal, reached it, set another and another, and kept on going until she reached her final goal in March of 2013.

A little over three years ago, morbidly obese, Theresa weighed in at 428 pounds. She suffered with constant pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis, and suffered breathing problems with asthma, both conditions complicated by her weight. She was almost completely unable to stand or walk, and then only by using a walker, and finally, only by using a wheelchair and a motorized chair to get around.

Two years later, by the anniversary date of her decision to change her life, Theresa lost 276 pounds.

She did it, and has kept the weight off without any fad diet plan or weight-loss surgery, with God’s help, she says, and determination, willpower and good nutrition.

Now Theresa is not only trim and fit, she has been featured in publications, on the internet and on national TV shows including the “Joy Fit Club” with Kathy Lee Gifford and HodaKotb on the “Today Show” and on the PBS show “Uncommon Sense” with Julie Doan. Her accomplishment has been lauded in “Everyday Health,” the “Huffington Post,” “Woman’s World Magazine,” and then the story was picked up by the “Associated Press” and featured across the nation. She was on “9 & 10 News” locally and featured in both the Review this winter and in the Morning Sun last year.

Her accomplishment has gone “viral” on the web too. She has been featured on, Everyday Health, Shape Fit, AOL and more.

“If I can do it, anyone can,” she said.

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