BPA Regional Winners

February 1, 2013

To qualify for the State competition, students must place in the top six in individual events, and the top two in team events.  Clare is proud to announce the following students who placed in their competitions:

Administrative Support Research Project

2nd Adam Grove

3rd Cameron Foss

4th Trisha Wentworth

5th Alex Dysinger

6th Chase Field

Administrative Support Team

1st Abigail Denton

1st Joshua Kinberg

1st Laura Mater

1st Tessa Huovinen

Advanced Interview Skills

4th Jay Poet

Advanced Word Processing

3rd Laura Mater

Computer Security

5th Justin Duffett

Database Applications

2nd Sarah Wolfe

Economic Research Project

2nd Saleen Picard

3rd Abigail Denton

4th Owen Luna

6th Molly Cole

Fundamental Accounting

4th Caitlin Field

5th Rachel Levesque

Fundamentals of Desktop Publishing

4th Hannah Clark

6th Malinda Hershberger

Fundamentals of Web Design

4th Douglas Prince

Graphic Design Promotion

3rd Bryce Carter

5th Riley Crawford

Integrated Office Applications

5th Molly Cole

Interview Skills

4th Brooke Painter

Keyboarding Production

3rd Saleen Picard

Payroll Accounting

5th Rachel Levesque

Presentation Management Team

2nd Abigail Showalter

2nd Brooke Painter

2nd Carlee Williamson

2nd Ryan Seiter

Torch Award

Diplomat Teressa Griffith

Diplomat Abigail Denton

Diplomat Alex Dysinger

Diplomat Bean Ramos

Diplomat Caitlin Field

Diplomat Chris Dysinger

Diplomat Josh Kinberg

Diplomat Michael Evers

Diplomat Robyn Stanley

Diplomat Sarah Wolfe

Diplomat Tessa Huovinen

Diplomat Aaron Stutzman

Diplomat Brooke Painter

Diplomat Carlee Williamson

Diplomat Hannah Clark

Diplomat Nick Montini

Diplomat Abigail Showalter

Diplomat Laura Mater

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