Cameras roll as 100’s line-up for free donuts

May 23, 2014

5-23-14 Cops & DougnutsIMG_0887By Sherry Landon

On Wednesday morning a crowd of approximately 200 people made their first stop of the morning at Cops and Doughnuts in Clare to get a free doughnut and coffee. The crowd was beckoned by Bubba and Ryno via Facebook to come on out and help them gather a large crowd. The retired police officers would not say why they wanted the crowd, only that they were filming and it was a secret and to come on down. Present to record this historical event was The Clare County Review and 94.5 The Moose.

As the century old bakery welcomed locals and visitors from as far away as 160 miles people speculated why the establishment was giving out the delectable treats. As visitors lined the streets a film crew and production company, PSG Films, spear headed by Lee Christofferson worked capturing images of patrons waiting outside the bakery.5-23-14 Cops & Doughnuts IMG_0897

Rumor is the production crew was there to film for an upcoming movie or a television show. Will the footage be used? I guess visitors will have to find out by attending the local theater to see if they made their cameo moment or until Bubba and Ryno have more to report.

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