Candidates running unopposed in many townships

June 30, 2016

By Rosemary Horvath

Clare County residents desiring to vote in the Aug. 2 primary election have until July 5 to register with their respective township or city clerk.

Meanwhile, candidates without a political party affiliation have until 4 p.m. July 21 to register for the November general election.

Write-in candidates must file a declaration of intent by 4 p.m. July 22 to qualify for the Aug. 2 primary.
County Clerk Pam Mayfield is recruiting poll inspectors to work at the elections. It is not required to work only in the precinct of your residence, but you must be a registered voter and live within Clare County.

Voters will not be able to choose candidates from both parties. Each box of either party must be filled in. Ballots no longer has a box for straight-party voting.

Franklin, Grant, Hamilton, Hatton and Lincoln townships will have swift voting because candidates, mostly incumbents, are running unopposed.

The only switch in Hamilton is that current trustee David B.  Wright will seek the supervisor slot to succeed the current official who will not run again. Republican Michael Conway is running for trustee with incumbent Mike Iutzi.

Hayes and Summerfield townships will have drawn-out elections because some candidates are expected to run as  write-ins or candidates without political parties in November.

Hayes recently had a trustee pass away. The board recently appointed planning commission member Betty Laskowsky to serve out the term until the election. She does not intend to run for the position.
On the August ballot for the two trustee slots are Democrats Robert Buckley and Michael D. Haley. Republican Kim W. Kennicott will run unopposed.

John Scherrer, who has a long history on the township board, had intended to retire but has said he will run as a write-in candidate on the Republican ticket.

Maye Rood will run as a nonpartisan candidate for treasurer, a post she has held for several consecutive terms.

Incumbent clerk Nancy Austin will run unopposed in August but is expected to be challenged in November by Deb Hoyt, another nonpartisan candidate. Hoyt is the township’s accounts manager.
Summerfield Township has a similar situation. There are no candidates on the August ballot for treasurer or two trustee seats.

However, treasurer Sherrie Cox is expected to seek another term as treasurer in November. Sources indicate there are two candidates who will run for trustee as write-ins.

Arthur Township has only a single race at this time. Republicans Lindsay Brackrog and Donald Read are looking to replace David Leggett as treasurer.

In November, Republicans Lamar Gunden and Erma Maxine Kleinhardt, both incumbents, seek re-election against Democratic challenger Dennis Carbeno.

Freeman Township has three Democrats running for the clerk’s position in August, and all newcomers. They are Kate Hatton, Julie Lightfoot and Marilyn Woolsey.

The November ballot will have a race for supervisor between Republican Alan Housler and Democrat Lori Lightfoot.

Two trustee seats will have Republican Carol Barnett running against incumbent Democrats Sandra Sable and Richard Wells.

Frost Township has incumbents seeking re-election except for trustee seats in November. Democrat incumbent Harold E. Becker will run against Republicans Norman E. Coulture and Mike Sporer.
Garfield Township has two races in August. Incumbent supervisor David Lee Byl faces Gary W. Hendershot, both Republicans who faced each other four years ago.

Three Republicans will vie for two trustee seats: incumbents Mark Irwin and Lisa K. Roland and newcomer Barbara A. Lijewski.

Greenwood Township has a slate of Republican and Democrats incumbents running unopposed in November except for supervisor. In the race is incumbent Democrat Lester J. Vida and challenger Republican Jess McClaughry.

In November Redding Township will have a race between Supervisor Thomas Krchmar, Republican incumbent, and Democrat Marianne Borgula, currently the township clerk.

Running for the clerk’s post unopposed is Tamara Galloway, a newcomer and a Democrat.
Sheridan Township has all incumbents running for township offices except James Eberhart who has been a trustee in the past will seek election. He and Henry M. Eberhart, current trustee, appear to trade terms.

Surrey Township’s ballot has mostly incumbents from both parties. There will be a race in November when Republicans Kevin McDevitt and Kenneth E. Pitchford and Democrat incumbent Carol A. Dixon vie for two trustee seats.

Sample ballots for all the townships are available on the county clerk’s website.

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