Candidates tell us why they should be elected

October 31, 2014

Joel Johnson, (R)
State Representative
Seeking third term as State Representative (held office since 2011) “I will continue to be accessible and available to the public. I will promote reforms that force state government to be customer service oriented. I will also continue to work on measures which allow our economy to thrive.”

Mark Lightfoot, (D)
State Representative
Asking voters to make a change next Tuesday, Mark Lightfoot (D) is running for State Representative from the 97th District. “I want to be your voice in Lansing,” he said. “I believe Lansing is broken. It works for the very rich but not for the middle class working families. Our leaders are out of touch with the people.”

Donald David
County Commission
5th District
At present I am filling the unexpired term of Mr. LaBoda, who, although he resigned, is still on the ballot. He is not running again. I served six years as your Clare County Commissioner, two years as Chairman. I am familiar with the county budget, and understand the business routine of the board of Commissioners and I am up to speed with the Clare County board business and that makes me a good choice for your next commissioner.

Amy Shindorf
Farwell BOE
Five Lakes, Farwell, Michigan
Independent; Farwell Board of Education, new candidate: I am seeking this position to see that all Farwell Students have access to the best education and opportunities for future. My top priorities for the Farwell School District are ensuring students have access to a healthy learning environment where educators are respected.

Holly Thrush
Farwell BOE
I am Holly Thrush, a lifelong resident of Farwell.  “I am running for the school board to first support ALL students with their individualized educational development. I will commit to putting in the dedication, passion, and hours needed to support our school system in being financially responsible, flexible to changes based on improving education, and open-minded to hear our parents, staff, and community express their desires for our children.”

Carol J. Santini
Clare BOE
Carol J. Santini has been a member of Clare Public Schools Board of Education for 14 years. She previously served as President and currently is serving at secretary of the Board of Education.
Carol believes in public education. She believes our school system prepares our young children for the future and with steady leadership will continue to improve the quality of education.  She is committed to quality and dedicated to education. Carol is married to Tony Santini. They have two children who graduated from the Clare Public Schools. She is a member of Clare County Community Foundation, Clare City Parks and Recreation, Clare County Arts Council and Mt Pleasant Rotary. She currently works at Mid Michigan Community College.

David Hoefling
Harrison BOE
David is a recent Harrison High school grad & lives in Harrison. He is a Republican and is running for the School board as a first step into politics.  Currently he is attending Mid Michigan Community College studying Political Science.

Dick Haynak (R)
Road Commission
Dick Haynak is running for re-election to the Road Commission. A 5 Lakes, Grant Township resident, he said, “I’ve served the public for most of my adult life. I was on the Clare Fire Department for 20 years; a commissioner of the City of Clare for three years and have been on the board of the Road Commission for 18 years. I would like to serve the public of Clare County for one more term – I enjoy the people I work with and the public I serve – I can help!”

Rick Craven
Road Commission
I’m Rick Craven running for Road Commissioner on the Independent ticket. I’ve been in Clare County for over 44 years, also on the Harrison City Council for 6 years and was involved in road improvements. Recently retired from Clare County Sheriff Department, I’m looking to continue my service for Clare County.

Samantha Pitchford County Commission
District 2

A resident of Lake, Samantha Pitchford said, “I want to help Clare County get financially responsible and address the issues we are facing in the most efficient and cost effective way.  I could definitely help make this a reality with my accounting background, my current position as a purchasing agent, and my small business experience.  I can bring fresh and new ideas to the table.”

Joe Maxey
Farwell BOE
Being able to work hand in hand with other board members, administrators, staff and the parents is what I will bring as a member of the Farwell Area School Board.  I will vote and do what I feel is BEST for ALL students and staff based on the information I receive.  I do not and will not make any promises except that ALL students will come first.

Bill Scott
Farwell BOE
Lake, Michigan
No Party Affiliations, New Candidate: It takes a team to instill change; I am a member of that team. I am diverse, honest, driven, sincere, and dedicated to ensure the students have every opportunity they require to be successful in the world employment market, to keep the Farwell Schools fiscally responsible, and driven to make Farwell the “Schools of Choice”.

Vickie Buckley
Hayes Township Clerk
Write-in candidate
Vickie Buckley said, “I am running for Hayes Township. Clerk. I have been regularly attending Hayes Township meetings and have watched and listened to the supervisor talk about how things need to change in order to save our Township money and to move forward. I want to be a part of this change.
With my 21 years experience as a travel consultant along with being on the lake improvement board and being on the lake association, I believe I have the knowledge that it takes to be a part of Hayes Township.

Brenda Blain
Freeman Township
I live in Freeman township and I would like to see our township actively involve citizens in a variety of activities to create a positive well informed community.

Deana Pitts
Farwell BOE
My name is Deana Pitts and I am running for a six year term on the Farwell School Board.  I had the great opportunity to be voted in by the Board in August 2014 to temporarily fill Duffy Doxtader’s position until 12/31/14 when his term expires.  I am a creative thinker and problem solver, Farwell alumni, and daughter of Mitch and Sandy VanBuskirk.  I am running for the Farwell School Board to get more involved by offering a fresh perspective on the Board to continue to move Farwell forward in providing high quality education and school experiences.

Misti Haring
Farwell BOE
​ I am seeking support for a 6-year term for the Farwell Area School Board. I’m running because I want to support ALL our students and do what is right for their education, regardless of the tough decisions I’ll have to make. I’ll seek to provide a quality education for all students that provide them the competitive edge needed to be successful in today’s society because our students deserve the best education we can provide.

Lynn Grim
County Commission
District 2
Lynn, who has served on the board for over 25 years, pledges to be “dedicated, concerned and committed to serving the people of Clare County. She is seeking re-election on the Democratic ticket. She said, “I have held this office since June, 2005. Serving the citizens of Clare County has been a passion of mine and I would like to continue to help make Clare County a better place to live, play work and retire.”

Jerry Burger
County Commission
District 1
My name is Jerry Burger and I am seeking the office primarily to provide you the voters with a clear choice as to whom you want to represent you at the county commission level of government. If elected I will vigorously pursue lower taxes and a more proactive and transparent county government. Strong local government / joint county planning will also be a must. I will also seek economical strengthening measures for tourism, farming, and small business. My past county commission experience should prove vital to achieving these objectives.

Dale Majewski, (D)
County Commission District 1
I have lived in Lake George for 40+ years; I am running for Re-Election for District #1 County Commissioner.   I have been a county commissioner for 2 years where I hold the position of Board Chair. I am running for re-election because I believe that the citizens deserve responsive leadership. I will continue to seek to address the needs of the citizens of Clare County with open, honest discussion; listening to your views and opinions so that I can make more informed decisions on your behalf.



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