Charges dropped against tasered Farwell man

October 11, 2012

A letter to the editor received by the Review this week is charging a Clare County deputy with an illegal arrest, violating civil rights and that he, a Farwell man, was unnecessarily “tased” six times during an initial interrogation and arrest earlier this summer.

Jerami Young said he was arrested July 31, and charged with two counts of resisting arrest and one count of assault against a public official.

Young said in his letter that after 65 days in jail, all charges against him were subsequently dismissed and that the arrest was based on a “misconstrued” conversation with a neighbor, a man diagnosed with dementia.

Young said he had stopped to talk to the man and offer his services as a handyman, and that he was not aware of the man’s health problems.

He said he later learned that the man had told his daughter to call the police.

The Clare deputy, who Young identified as Sgt. Lawrence Kahsin, came to Young’s residence and “pointed a taser at me through an open window,” he said, adding that the deputy was demanding that Young come outside.

When he did, Young said he was arrested, and tased while being handcuffed. He said he was tased by Kahsin and another officer again after he was handcuffed and while being placed in the police car. He said he was tased three more times at the jail, where he was charged with resisting arrest, although he claims, “I never once attempted in any way, shape or form to aggress anyone or any officers.”

Young also claimed that after being tased, he was denied medical attention.

“My 4th Amendment rights were blatenly violated. Officers are deviating from proceedures and crossing the line. I plan on exposing them. How can I tell my children police officers are their friends.

Sheriff John Wilson said Thursday afternoon, ” Normally when people have a problem with one of our officers, they file a complaint with me. He (Young) has not filed a complaint with me, nor has any attorney contacted me about this matter.

Wilson continued, “We have a very strict policy that says at what point an officer can use a taser. It’s there to prevent possible injury to the officer and the suspect.

Young said he is planning to file a lawsuit against Clare County and the Clare County Sheriff’s Department. “My attorney Todd Diederich is helping me to find an attorney to handle the lawsuit,” he said.

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