CHS expands key programs

September 27, 2012


Clare High School has expanded three of its programs designed to improve student success.  All three programs were in effect last year and have resulted in more student achievement.

The Net Connect Program began last year to address the fact that only seventy percent of CHS students report having Internet access at home.  Of those who do, some have only dial-up access.  The Net Connect Program allows students to use Internet and printer-connected laptop computers in the conference room of the high office in the morning beginning at 6:30 and in the afternoon until 4:00.  Students can use the laptops for research and word-processing.

Two years ago CHS began the Credit Intervention Program (CIP) during lunch periods.  Since then, the CIP has focused on students failing unit or other large tests in math or science courses.  Students were allowed to bring their lunches to the CIP where they re-studied the failed work in preparing to re-take the failed evaluation.  This year the CIP has been expanded to English and social studies courses with the addition of another CIP proctor and room.  This year students must also attend at least two tutoring sessions, described below) prior to re-taking the failed evaluations.   Students unable to attend the before or after school tutoring sessions due to a lack of transportation will be provided with tokens for the county transportation system.

Last year CHS offered free tutoring twice per week either before or after school.  This year tutoring has been expanded to six sessions, two before school and four after school.  The tutoring is for students needing assistance in any subject and is not limited to those in the CIP.  Tutoring is provided by CHS teachers and by tutors in the Students of Promise Program sponsored by Mid-Michigan Community College. 

Clare High School Principal Lee Turner looks forward to the positive results these programs will produce.  “We are doing everything we can to prevent student academic failure.  Requiring attendance at tutoring before allowing re-takes of failed tests should provide a great incentive for students to prepare well for tests in the core areas.  The expanded tutoring for every student in every subject is also an exciting asset.”

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