Clare BOE takes 96 acres off market

August 27, 2012

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent


The disposition of the school district’s 96 acres on the north side of the city was a topic of discussion at the Board of Education meeting Monday evening.

Superintendent Doniel Pummell said the current listing on the property had run out and without any interest in the sale, she asked the board if they wanted to continue the listing at a lower price, or drop it.

“We currently don’t have any plans for that property,” she said. “I’m asking the board for direction.” She said the board had already made back their original purchase price on the property through sales of portions of the property.

Pummell said the property has been listed at $695,000 and the realtors were recommending at least a 20 percent reduction in the price. Trustee Steve Stark said “Realistically the property is only worth about $200,000.” He said most of the property is unusable wetlands.

Secretary Carol Santini said there haven’t been any offers or interest in the property and anyone interested would make an offer regardless of what the asking price was.

The consensus of the board was to drop the listing and just put signs up that the property is for sale.

Pummel also reported that the State’s Best Practices [incentives for additional State Aid] have been changed for the coming year. “We now have to meet seven of eight incentives,” she said, “in order to gain an additional $52 per student. The good news is that we already meet all eight of the incentives.”

Other matters that came to the board at Monday’s meeting included:

*the approval to hire Edward Hubel as Adult Education Teacher/Student Services Coordinator at Pioneer High School; hiring Julie Mayra as a part-time Adult Education Teacher at Pioneer; Rebecca Cook as Academic Interventions at the Primary School; Amanda Hutchins as a part-time Kindergarten/Title I Paraprofessional in the Primary School; and Sherry Camp as a part-time Kindergarten/Title I Paraprofessional in the Primary School.

*Primary Principal Mandy Bolen reported that there are 147 registered for Kindergarten this coming year, with more applications possible.

*For the Sports Boosters, Dennis Carmoney reported that the recent fundraiser was smaller this year with only 96 test driving vehicles. He said another similar fundraiser would be held September 28.

*Santini reported on the results of the Board’s self-evaluation, saying the scores were higher than last year.

*Band Boosters President Jill Ouellette reported that there are 230 students involved in the program for this year. She said the group is still working on raising funds for new band uniforms. They have a $40,000 goal and have raised less than half so far.

*The board approved the payment of $71,961.74 in monthly bills.

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