Clare City adopts $8.65 million budget

June 8, 2017

By Pat Maurer

Clare City’s projected expenditures for the coming year are up by $1.1 million according to the figures outlined and adopted at Monday’s City meeting.

Following a Public Hearing the Commission approved the adoption of a budget totaling $8,652,803.62 in expenditures for Fiscal Year 2017-18 as well as the Fee and Rate Schedule for the year.

Kitty and Jim Mishler are shown with Clare Mayor Pat Humphrey. Jim was honored for 35 years on the library board, 33 of those as president.

Kitty and Jim Mishler are shown with Clare Mayor Pat Humphrey. Jim was honored for 35 years on the library board, 33 of those as president.

The current year’s amended expenditures were $7,545,751.41.

The coming year’s revenues are projected at $8,270,506.72, a shortfall of $382,296.90.

The Tax millage, approved by the Commission, will be: Charter 17.5; Parks .75; and
Streets 3.0

Operating Expenditures include:
General Fund – $2,401,830.70 Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out – $1,342,869.73

Cemetery Perpetual Care -0- Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out – $5,000.00

Major Street Fund – $170,644.82 Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out – $107,380.00

Local Street Fund – $204,905.91 Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out – $820.00

Municipal Street Fund -0- Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out – $286,939.89

Fire Department Fund – $320,005.50 Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out – $13,200.00

Parks & Recreation Fund – $402,258.48 Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out – $2,000.00

Downtown Development Authority – $95,310.00 -0- Sidewalk Replacement Fund $340.20 -0-

Brownfield Redevelopment -0- Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out -0-

Drug Forfeiture Fund – $3,322.17 Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out -0-

Law Enforcement 302 Training – $1,500.00 Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out -0-

Debt Service – Public Safety Fund – $47,268.32 Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out -0-

Sewer Fund – $800,436.04 Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out – $77,000.00

Water Fund – $671,903.36 Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out – $1,142,752.54

Data Processing Fund – $48,850.00 Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out – $16,000.00

Mobile Equipment Fund – $306,165.94 Non-Operating/Capital/Transfers Out – $184,100.00

Changes in the Fee and Rate Schedule adopted Monday will include:
A 5% increase in water rates

Medical Marijuana Licensing Fees – $5,000 initial fee plus $1,000 annual renewal fee

A new fee for purchase of cemetery columbarium niches for cremains (ashes) $600 per niche and $100 to open and close plus engraving charge

Burials will increase to $400 over age one and $100 cremation.

An increase fee for processing Industrial Facilities Tax Exemptions from $125 to $150

Elimination of Taxi Cap Licenses (now under the State)

Elimination of Building/Electrical/Plumbing/Sign Permits & Building Department Plan Review

Elimination of Pool Fill

An increase in the hydrant water fee for contractors and filling pools in the City to $75 + current rate

An increase in selecting testing fees by the WWTP
Elimination of fees for services no longer performed by the CPD

Other business at the meeting Monday included:
*A certificate and key to the City for Jim Mishler, who is resigning his position on the library board after serving for 35 years, 33 as its president. He was lauded for his outstanding service to the library and the City.

*Approval of a license request for a small wine maker license by 4-Leaf Brewing.

*Approval of the bid from Northern Pump of $11,200 for drilling a test well for a new City Well, which could also be used for irrigation purposes at the new Recreational Complex by Northern Pump with the costs of the text well to be reimbursed from The City’s Recreation Fund if the test well has sufficient flow rates.

*Approval of the expenditure of $5,894 in funds to pay for part of a $10,894 bid from Bad Axe Marble for a 48-niche columbarium to be installed in Cherry Grove Cemetery on Block 28. An anonymous donation of $5,000 with cover the remainder of the cost.

*Approval of a $43,400 bid from Jim Navarre Ford Lincoln for the purchase a 2017 Ford Explorer for the Police Department. $21,000 of the cost will be paid through a USDA grant.

*The approval of bills totaling $135,117.77.

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