Clare City honors Bouchey, discusses safety, approves bonuses

December 12, 2011

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent

In a quiet meeting Monday, The Clare City Commission honored a former employee, discussed a traffic safety concern and approved Christmas bonuses for employees.

Former employee and local businessman Jack Bouchey, who died November 25, was honored at the City meeting for his service to the community.

Born and raised in Clare, Bouchey worked for the City of Clare in the 1960s, leaving to work for Fisher Construction of Midland. While at Fisher, he started Bouchey and Sons Excavating.

Mayor Pat Humphrey told the Commission about concerns he has heard about with the speed of traffic through the Fifth Street parking lot. He said the cars using the lot to go between Fourth and Fifth Streets were causing a hazard for anyone walking in the lot. The matter will be referred to the Traffic and Safety Committee for their recommendation.

The Commission also approved Christmas bonuses for full and part-time employees, temporary and seasonal employees, firemen and auxiliary police officers. Full-time employees will receive $75 in Clare Cash; Firemen and auxiliary police officers will receive $50 Clare Cash and part-time employees, temporary and seasonal employees will receive $25 in Clare Cash. The total disbursement will be $4,875.00.

In another matter, Treasurer and Acting City Manager Steven Kingsbury reported that Clare County is applying for broadband certification through Connect Michigan and Connect Nation. If it is successful, Kingsbury said it will make the area more attractive to potential home owners and businesses. He reported that Clare County has been named as one of the first areas in the State to work towards offering broadband service to all residents. He added that to date there are four towers for service in the eastern part of the County, one each in Sheridan, Arthur, Hamilton and Franklin Townships.

Other business at the City meeting Monday included:

*A report from Treasurer Steve Kingsbury noting that the winter tax bills have been mailed out.

* A Medical Marihuana Law update about a recent Saginaw seminar sponsored by the State Attorney General. City Manager Ken Hibl wrote, “The only absolute and certain information we can proved the City Commission on this topic at this time is that nothing is certain in respect to the future of the law.”

*A report that two used vehicles have been purchased for the Police Department. The department will be transitioning to a black and white fleet, Hibl reported.

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