Clare County Board of Commissioners approves hiring of temp

August 3, 2012

The Clare County Board of Commissioners approved the hiring of a new temporary part-time employee to assist with payroll clerk duties during their meeting Wednesday morning.

The hiring of the temp was proposed by County Clerk Pamela Mayfield during her clerk’s report. According to Mayfield the payroll clerk position is a two-person job however one of the normal employees is now out on a medical leave. She added there is no time table for that employee to return to work as of yet.

“It’s a critical position, we have to pay the bills and the payroll,” Mayfield said. “One person can only do so much.”

One reason Mayfield pushed for the hiring of a temp is to cover for vacation time. She said the other payroll clerk currently has a vacation scheduled for the first part of September and unless a temp was brought in she would have needed to tell the employee to cancel it.

“It’s not something I like to do but it has to be done,” Mayfield said of having to cancel vacations when the need arises.

Mayfield said she already had someone in mind to fill the temporary position. She added that intended hire already has previous experience in that position as a temp.

Board member Karen Lipovsky made the motion to vote on the hiring. The board all voted to approve it.

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