Clare County Committee of the Whole appoints two plus application for a taser grant

The Clare County Committee of the Whole met Wednesday after the conclusion of the county’s Board of Commissioners meeting. It got quite a bit done in its short meeting with the approval of a grant application and two appointments.

The appointments were placing Kim Kennicott on the Airport Board and Brian Tomaski to the Department of Public Works. Kennicott was reappointed to a two-year term ending on August 1, 2014 while Tomaski was appointed to a three-year term set to expire on August 1, 2015.

According to Kennicott’s approved application he is a retired Harrison resident and has lived in the area for at least two years. Additional information listed that he is suited for the airport board as he very interested in aviation including being a student pilot and currently building an airplane.

According to his application Tomaski lives in Clare and is the director of maintenance for the Clare County Sheriff Department and has lived in the county for over 20 years. It added he previously worked for the city of Clare’s Department of Public Works and as the city’s parks supervisor. He is currently a member of the Sheridan Township Board of Review.

In the justice portion of the meeting the committee approved an application for a Risk Avoidance Program grant to acquire four tasers for the Clare County Sheriff Department. According to documents about the application if the organization gets the grant the tasers would be used by court security deputies.

The paperwork dubbed the project as Taser Alternative Force and said the total budget for the tasers would be $3,260 with the department paying $1,660 of it. The application was signed by Lt. Ed Williams and the paperwork said the department currently does not have enough funds to issue tasers to all of its court deputies without the grant.

The committee also reviewed the current budgetary status of the county. According to paperwork from Treasurer Jenny Beemer-Fritzinger revenue this year was up $474,364.89 over the same period in 2011. County Administrator Tracy Byard and Beemer-Fritzinger said most of the increase, over $403,000 of it, was an appropriation for delinquent taxes.

One item on the initial agendas for the Committee of the Whole meeting was not discussed. A discussion on Health Insurance Reimbursement and Administration fees was delayed until October.

One Response to Clare County Committee of the Whole appoints two plus application for a taser grant

  1. B-Jones

    October 21, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    In lieu of their most recent dazzling display of police work, do we really need to be giving them MORE tasers? $3,260 for the actual tasers, then the rest of the budget goes to the resulting lawsuit from the next innocent person they use them on.