Clare-Gladwin Middle College welcomes new students

5-10-13 Clare Gladwin Middle College welcomes new studentsThe Clare-Gladwin Middle College, a program of the Clare-Gladwin Career Center, welcomed 17 new students during its orientation for the 2013-2014 school year on May 2. The Clare-Gladwin Middle College offers a select number of students from Beaverton, Clare, Farwell, Gladwin, and Harrison schools the opportunity to earn college credits from Mid Michigan Community College while still in high school. The juniors and seniors spend half of their school day at their high school and the other half attending classes at Mid.

With only 25 spots available at the Middle College per year, Middle College Mentor Candace Opalewski said the selection process is competitive and all of the applicants are interviewed before a decision is made.

“Many, many factors go into this final selection process. We look at the challenges the student has faced, if they are driven to achieve more despite their circumstances, if they’ll utilize the support services the Middle College offers, what their future college plans entail, and more,” she said. “It’s a very tough decision. All of the applicants are amazing and so are their stories.”

Opalewski provides the students with tutoring, as well as extra support and guidance to help them succeed during their first experience with college courses.

The Clare-Gladwin Career Center is operated by the Clare-Gladwin RESD.

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