Clare leads area schools in graduation rate – 98%

February 28, 2014

By Pat Maurer

Compared to 13 other mid-Michigan schools and the statewide average, Clare has the leading percentage of graduates for the 2012-13 school year, High School Principal Lee Turner reported this week.

Turner said, “Clare High School has historically had an excellent graduation rate.  That rate, coupled with solid performance on state assessments, is one of the reasons that families moving to the area find Clare Schools so attractive.  Still, Clare High School is committed to living up to its motto, ‘Clare High School, where excellence is the tradition and improvement is the goal.’  I am proud to be part of our tradition.”

Information released showed Clare’s graduation rate last year at 98.08 percent with 102 of 104 seniors graduating last June. Haslett High School and Midland High School tied for second place with a 95 percent graduation rate. Haslett Schools had 203 graduates in a class of 213 and Midland had 352 graduates out of 368 seniors.

H.H. Dow High School was 3rd with 300 graduates in a class of 322 for a 93.17 percent rate. Shepherd High School had 92 graduates in a class of 99 for a 92.93 percent rate placing them 4th. Coleman was 5th with 47 of 51 seniors graduating and a percentage rate of 92.16.

Gladwin High School placed 6th with 100 graduates out of a class of 109 for a 91.74 percent rate and Harrison was 7th in the list with 77 of 86 graduating and a graduation rate of 89.53 percent.

Farwell claimed 8th place on the list with 63 of 71 graduating for a 88.73 percent rate.

Next in the list was Roscommon High School in 9th place with 95 of 108 seniors graduating, a 87.96 percent rate. Grayling High School claimed the 10th place with an 86.96 percent graduation rate with 95 of 108 senior getting their diplomas last June. Mt. Pleasant Senior High School scored at 80 percent with 192 of 240 seniors graduating placing them in the 11th place slot.

Evart High School and Beaverton high School placed 12th and 13th for graduation rates. Evart had 64 of 82 seniors graduate for 78.05 percent and Beaverton high School had 73 graduates out of a class of 94 for a 77.66 percent rate.

Statewide, the graduation rate average is 76.96 percent. Houghton Lake High School came in 14th, and  below the State average with a 72.66 percent graduation rate and 101 of 139 seniors graduating last year.

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