Clare leads county schools in MEAP, ACT test results

September 28, 2017

By Pat Maurer

The 2016-17 M-Step ACT test results for Clare-Gladwin Regional Education Service District schools were released early this month showing improvements in all three County schools.

Just over 44 percent of Clare’s third graders met state standards for Math, dropping 6.8 percent from 2016. The state average is 46.8 percent of students meeting standards. Nearly 34 percent met standards for ELA (English Language Arts). Although they dropped just over 12 percent from the previous year, they were just over one shy of the state average of 44.1 percent meeting the state average.

Fourth grades tested in Math, ELA and Science. They bested the state average of 44.2 percent in ELA with a total of 49.2 percent meeting state standards. In Math 33.9 percent of students met standards compared to the state average of 42 percent. In the science test 13.7 percent of the fourth grade met standards (slightly over 2016 results) compared to14.6 percent statewide.

Fifth graders tested in Math, ELA and Social Studies. In ELA 55.3 percent met standards, an increase of 4.4 percent from 2016 tests. The state average is 51.1 percent. In Math tests students increased by 9.8 percent from the previous year with 29.8 percent meeting standards. The state average is 35 percent. They also bested state averages in Social Studies with 27.2 percent meeting standards, an 8.9 percent increase from last year and comparing to the state average of 21.6 percent.

Sixth graders tested in Math and ELA last spring. Math scores were 27.1 percent meeting state standards, a 2.7 percent decrease from the previous tests. The state average is 34.2 percent. In ELA tests, 38.3 percent of Clare sixth graders met standards, a drop of 6.4 percent from last year and lower than the state average of 34.2 percent.

Clare’s Seventh grade tests in Math, Science and ELA were all well above state averages with math results showing 38.5 percent meeting standards (a 6.2 percent drop from 2016), while state averages were 36.2 percent. The ELA results showed Clare scoring 58.1 percent meeting standards, an increase of 13.4 percent. That state average is 44.8 percent. In Science testing, 43.6 percent met standards, a 1.1 percent decrease, but nearly double the state average of 22.7 percent.
Eighth graders tested in ELA, Social Studies and Math. Their Math test results showed 37.6 percent meeting standards, a 15.7 percent increase from 2016 and over the state average of 33.5 percent. The ELA tests totaled 44.4 percent meeting standards, a drop of 9.5 percent from 2016, and below the state average of 48 percent. Social Studies results were 37 percent meeting standards a 12.6 percent increase from the previous year and higher than the state average of 31.4 percent.

At the high school level, 11th graders scored 36.4 percent in Science, a .3 percent drop from last year, but higher than the state average of 33.6 percent. In Social Studies, 41.8 percent of Clare students met state standards, a .1 increase from 2016 and below the state average of 46 percent.

SAT test scores averaged 1,011, up 16 points from last year and higher than the state average of 1,007.

Superintendent Jim Walter listed the Clare District’s strengths including improving 4th grade Science scores, 5th grade ELA scores above the state average and improving, 7th grade Science always more than 20 percent above state averages and 11th grade Science consistently above the state average.
On the down side, he said, “Math remains a consistent concern.” He said although social studies starts strong, improvement is needed in how students finish in the core subject. “We also have work to do in middle school language arts,” he said.

M-Step test results from last spring’s Math testing at Farwell showed 31 percent of 3rd graders advanced or proficient; 22, percent of 4th graders showing advanced or proficient; 24 percent of 5th grade students advanced or proficient; 6th graders proficient or advanced numbering 26 percent;,; 24percent of 7th grade students advanced or proficient; and 32 percent proficient or advanced in the 8th grade. The State’s goal is 75 percent of students meeting proficient numbers.

Science results for 4th grade showed less than 10 percent of students advanced or proficient and 7th grade results showed a total of 18 percent of students advanced or proficient. Proficient or advanced ELA results for 3rd graders tested totaled 36 percent; for 4th grade 33 percent earned the rating. In 5th grade 46 percent of students tested proficient or advanced. In 6th grade that number was 43 percent, in 7th it was 32 percent and in 8th grade, 27 percent rated advance or proficient.

Farwell’s M-Step Social Studies test results showed 17 percent proficient or advanced in 5th grade and 30 percent with the rating in 8th grade.
Farwell’s average SAT score for all 11th grade students was 461.8 in Math, and 472.2 in Reading and writing, for a total average SAT score of 934. About 18 percent met College Readiness Benchmarks. Overall in Social Studies, just over 10 percent of Farwell High School students were ranked advanced.
Farwell’s total enrollment for last year is 2,394. 53.4 percent of the students are rated economically disadvantaged and 13.9 percent are rated with disabilities.

M-Step Math results for Harrison showed 25 percent of 3rd graders proficient; 20 percent of 4th grade ranked proficient; 11 percent of 5th grade proficient; 20 percent of 6th graders proficient; 16 percent of 7th grade and 18 percent of 8th grade proficient.

ELA test results show 37 percent of 3rd graders advanced or proficient. 4th grade showed 23 percent advanced or proficient; 5th grade tests showed 22 percent proficient; 6th grade results showed 30 percent; 7th grade tests showed 41 percent proficient and the 8th grade total was 36 percent.

M-Step Science scores for Harrison’s 4th graders showed less than ten percent were advanced or proficient. The 8th grade test showed 15 percent ranked as advanced or proficient.

Social Studies tests showed ten percent of 5th graders scored proficient or advanced and 22 percent of 8th graders scored proficient or advanced.
Harrison’s average SAT score for eleventh grade students was 467.9 in Reading and Writing and 455.7 in Math for an overall average score of 923.6. Just over ten percent of students met College Readiness Benchmarks.

Harrison had a total student count of 1,300 last year. Just over 16 percent of students were listed with disabilities and 67.6 percent were ranked as disadvantaged.
Harrison administrators said, “We are encouraged to see our students performance in Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing improve in just one year as this has been a priority focus for us as a school.  We recognize our continued need to improve our students’ performance and have committed as a staff to supporting the instructional needs of all students.  We look forward to continued improvements.”

Additionally, we are pleased to see that our M-Step scores in Social Studies and Science reflect our work around content-based literacy and proficiency.  Proficiency in both social studies and science improved last year and we look forward to that trend continuing, even in the face of potential new testing.”
The average SAT overall score for the RESD is 967.4. Math scores were 476.7 and Reading and Writing 490.7. M-Step scores for 11th graders in the district show 170 proficient in Science and 205 proficient in Social Studies out of a total district enrollment.

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