Clare WWTP project almost completed

August 27, 2012

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent


“Financially we are close to finished with the Waste Water Treatment Plant project,” Treasurer Steven Kingsbury said at the August 6 Clare City Commission meeting.

Kingsbury present a summary report of the $2,655,000 capital improvement project at the meeting. His spreadsheet presentation showed a remaining balance to be paid of $203,974.33. He said the project will continue “for several more months to complete the various phases on construction and to validate the performance requirements of the ammonia remediation.”

In his City Manager’s report Ken Hibl reported that one of the wells at the Hatton Township Landfill site has shown contamination exceeding the federally-established levels for trichloroethylene. This is the well that is being replaced, he added.

He said the city staff is recommending the abandonment of an unused portion of Cleveland Street’s right-of-way. He wrote, “This portion of the street right-of-way is unpaved and considered unusable for future development.” It abuts the Little Tobacco Drain and City Property north of the drain.

Hibl also reported that he has had requests from family members of people interred at Cherry Grove Cemetery asking that the city prohibit dogs on that property. He said he had referred the matter to the Cherry Grove Cemetery Advisory Board for their recommendations.

In other business, the City Council:

*Approved the low bid of Brad Malley for $9,280 to drill replacement water well in the contaminated area of the Hatton Township Landfill.

*Appointed  Dave Martin for two years, Bob Meister and Gary Seiter for three years and Tom House for one year on the City of Clare Construction Board of Appeals.

*Designated Luke Potter as employee delegate and Greg Kolhoff as alternate, and Diane Lyon as management representative to the annual MERS Conference.


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