Clare XC runner-up at Delta Invitational

September 27, 2012

The Clare varsity cross country teams competed at the Delta College Invitational on Saturday, running a two mile races compared to the usual 3.1 mile run.

Victoria Harper led the girl’s to a third place finish with a seventh place individual run (12:31), Melissa Benchley was 19th (13:19), Sadie Phillips was 23rd (13:22), Paige Gould came in 30th (13:30), Robyn Stanley was 35th(13:33), and Madison McPhee crossed at 38th(13:34) to round out medal winners for the girls. Olivia Walworth was 71st(14:51).

In the junior varsity race, Brooke Beatty picked up a  23rd place medal (14:28), Rocio Spicer-Torres was 64th (15:36), Amanda Yats was 73rd (15:55), Sam Warner came in 78th (16:01), Angelica Krueger was 81st (16:04) and Megan Sheredy 102nd(16:44).

The boy’s team came in second with Hunter Nivison coming in 4th (10:30), Lucas Combs came in 14th (10:48), Kevin Spiecer-Torres was 21st (10:56), Will Boberg was 25th (11:00), Chase Field was 51st (11:35), Riley Crawford was 67th (11:49), Brock Demo was 86th (12:10),

In the junior varsity race Nick Wertheimer came in 80th (13:00) and Mike Wetheimer came in 98th (13:18).



The junior high girl’s team won the race against 22 other teams, winning with 58 points compared to White Pine’s 63.

In a race with 190 athletes Jasmine Harper ran to a 4th place finish (12:29), Holly Pummell was 8th (13:24), Mackenzie Harmon was 15th (14:00), Sarah Gray was 23rd  (14:21), Mabel Krause came in 30th (14:30) and Hannah Brown was 35th (14:39) to round out medal winners.

Other runners were Lauryn Fairchild coming in 42nd (14:51), Ashley Rawson was 55th (15:09), Ellie Kaechelle was 56th (15:11), Jordyn Bradley was 59th (15:19), Natalee Kunse came in 60th (15:23), Alea Thayer came in 66th (15:30), Emily Austin was 67th (15:31), Montana Blain crossed 71st (15:44), Ruth Mooketsi was 90th (16:17), Katie Kronewitter was 100th (16:32), Ashley Boulis was 104th (16:39), Olivia Witbeck was 110th (16:51), Kiara Glowniak was 127th (17:24), Michaella Brand-Schlict was 135th (17:42), Hannah Showers was 136th (17:47), Mackenzie Rahl was 141st (17:57), Taylor Reno was 148th (18:15), Emma Kendall was 171st (20:05), and Megan Richardson was 188th (22:57).


The junior high boy’s team placed and was lead by Ben Haupt in 12th (12:18), Jimmy Teall in 14th (12:19), Gabe Denton was 19th (12:24), Scotty Baldwon was 39th (13:02), Noah Nivison was 60th (13:45) and Thad Warner was 149th (17:24).

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