Clare’s Woodlawn Bridge re-opens

February 9, 2017

2-10-17 Woodlawn bridge reopensBy Pat Maurer

Clare Department of Public Works Superintendent Al Jessup announced last Friday that the Woodlawn Bridge re-opened to all traffic as of 4 p.m. Friday, February 3.

Last October, City Manager Ken Hibl gave the Commission some bad news at the City meeting. He reported that the Woodlawn Bridge has deteriorated to the point where a strict load restriction had to be placed on the bridge. He said, “There is no threat to public safety with the lowered rating, however it does pose some challenges …as heavy trucks will not be allowed to cross the bridge.”
Residents of the area on the other side of the bridge have had to deal with those challenges, to have their refuse picked up or when they needed to have heavy deliveries made.

Since then the City staff has been working to repair or replace the bridge, asking Gourdie-Fraser, the City’s engineers to help. Over the past three months, they have guided the City through the process to purchase a new wooden bridge, develop construction bid specs and solicit bids and developed a proposal for the board’s approval.

Bids for construction of a new bridge were also reviewed and the Commission approved awarding the job to the low bidder, Adams Marine Construction of Pentwater

The estimated total cost of the new bridge was $108,150.

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